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Went to piercers yesterday and had a lovely tattooed lady work on getting the bastard (my hood piercing) unscrewed for almost 20 mins!!!

She finally had to get 2 big pairs of pliers and unscrew it.

Painful?  Yes.

Relieved? Hells yes.


If I can get the damn thing off…

I’ve had several attempts to get the beads undone to no avail.  I’m going to have to go to a local piercer, spread my legs and let him/her get in there with a pair of pliers.

Wow.  Well that sounds dodgy as fuck.  Laf.

It definitely needs to come out though, it’s my clitoral hood and the piercing has become quite flimsy and at times quite uncomfortable.  I find myself fiddling around a bunch to get it into a workable position when I’m wanking.

It used to enhance sensation and now it gets on the way of sensation.

Tis sad, but I think that’s the end of that for my hood.  This is the second time I’ve had it done and I just don’t think my body is suited to this particular piercing.  I mean if I had ‘more’ hood I reckon it would be okay, but I has not a lot to work with in the excess-to-pierce-through department.



Goodbye pretty piercing…

I couldn’t orgasm.  Was so close, so, so very close.

I faked.  I promised myself I wouldn’t do that anymore too.

Despite completely psyching myself out there, that was pretty fucking hot.

Night night. xo

Was some sick one day last week.  Running a temperature and feeling shit etc.  House to myself…  I put on my favourite lesbian porn, grabbed my sack of toys and planted myself on the couch.  Watching porno on a massive tv in surround sound, house to myself and legs akimbo…

I double penetrated myself.  With ease.  My arse is a virgin, so I generally can only receive the slimmest vibe I own comfortably.  But I went to next size one I have easily.  Bullet/egg vibe on my clit, large thick fake-cock style vibe in me and hard plastic vibe up my arse.  I put a towel under me incase there was any mess…  (I am trying to learn how to ejaculate)

Holy fucking jesus batman, I came so hard and for quite some time.  I lay about on the couch for a whiles…  Then cleaned up and packed away my goodies.  Was surfing on the internets and went to to look at the previews for the water bondage site, I want to buy some sets from there – proceeded to get horny as all fuck.  (my desk is on the edge of the lounge-room) went back to my room to grab my egg vibe and watching preview after preview just kept on coming.

I had just finished orgasm number 6 and turned off my vibe and my housemate walked into the lounge!  I didn’t even hear him come home :/  Although he’s my ex, so he knows me well and just pissed himself laughing.  I blushed, then laughed and then put my trousers back on.

So let this be recorded on the tubes for posterity, for the first time in my life I have achieved 6 orgasms in 1 day.

Each orgasm in succession became more and more intense as well, which when I do achieve orgasm more than once it’s usually the opposite.  I never usually make myself come more than twice when I’m masturbating because the sensation decreases with the 2nd orgasm.

This is new, previously unexperienced territory – unless I’m stoned, then wanking/sex becomes a crazy orgasmic adventure.

3 cheers for me!

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