Was some sick one day last week.  Running a temperature and feeling shit etc.  House to myself…  I put on my favourite lesbian porn, grabbed my sack of toys and planted myself on the couch.  Watching porno on a massive tv in surround sound, house to myself and legs akimbo…

I double penetrated myself.  With ease.  My arse is a virgin, so I generally can only receive the slimmest vibe I own comfortably.  But I went to next size one I have easily.  Bullet/egg vibe on my clit, large thick fake-cock style vibe in me and hard plastic vibe up my arse.  I put a towel under me incase there was any mess…  (I am trying to learn how to ejaculate)

Holy fucking jesus batman, I came so hard and for quite some time.  I lay about on the couch for a whiles…  Then cleaned up and packed away my goodies.  Was surfing on the internets and went to Kink.com to look at the previews for the water bondage site, I want to buy some sets from there – proceeded to get horny as all fuck.  (my desk is on the edge of the lounge-room) went back to my room to grab my egg vibe and watching preview after preview just kept on coming.

I had just finished orgasm number 6 and turned off my vibe and my housemate walked into the lounge!  I didn’t even hear him come home :/  Although he’s my ex, so he knows me well and just pissed himself laughing.  I blushed, then laughed and then put my trousers back on.

So let this be recorded on the tubes for posterity, for the first time in my life I have achieved 6 orgasms in 1 day.

Each orgasm in succession became more and more intense as well, which when I do achieve orgasm more than once it’s usually the opposite.  I never usually make myself come more than twice when I’m masturbating because the sensation decreases with the 2nd orgasm.

This is new, previously unexperienced territory – unless I’m stoned, then wanking/sex becomes a crazy orgasmic adventure.

3 cheers for me!