If I can get the damn thing off…

I’ve had several attempts to get the beads undone to no avail.  I’m going to have to go to a local piercer, spread my legs and let him/her get in there with a pair of pliers.

Wow.  Well that sounds dodgy as fuck.  Laf.

It definitely needs to come out though, it’s my clitoral hood and the piercing has become quite flimsy and at times quite uncomfortable.  I find myself fiddling around a bunch to get it into a workable position when I’m wanking.

It used to enhance sensation and now it gets on the way of sensation.

Tis sad, but I think that’s the end of that for my hood.  This is the second time I’ve had it done and I just don’t think my body is suited to this particular piercing.  I mean if I had ‘more’ hood I reckon it would be okay, but I has not a lot to work with in the excess-to-pierce-through department.



Goodbye pretty piercing…