(Written about a year ago…)

Texting back and forth in anticipation.  Building it up…

Showering frantically, the sooner I scrub away the days grime the sooner I get to fuck.

Spliffing on the back porch.

Feeling so relaxed, so turned on and just really really ready.  Masturbating directly beforehand, using my fingers…  Making a sexy little film in my head of what is going to happen.

Wordlessly and soundlessly putting him in my mouth and sucking his dick like I’m going to die tomorrow.  I can deep throat, well mostly and I do everything in my oral power to make this good.  I’m in my favourite position for fellatio; me on all fours on the bed with him standing beside it.  He is emitting little moans of pleasure, this is rather encouraging for me and I’m really really into this.

I lay down and he rolls a condom over himself, even this is totally fucking sexy somehow.

I’ve had a UTI, so it’s been a little while since I’ve been penetrated and I’m tight, but really aroused and rubbing my clitoris as he slides ever so slowly inside me.  We linger over this and whilst still touching myself, I can feel my vagina tensing.  Everything feels so awesome.

Soon we’re rocking together, for the past probably 6 months I’ve begun really enjoying the feeling when I have my legs up and out with my knees pulled into my chest, so I move myself into this position.  I am so engulfed with the feelings of pleasure, we’re kissing open mouthed…  tongues touching.

I know that I’m going to be able to come like I used to…  Like I haven’t been able to for some time…

These ones only happen when I’m on top.

I wriggle out from under him and we arrange ourselves so I can sit on him, all without words being spoken, we don’t even need them, we just know – being this in sync is beyond hot.  I can feel my wetness, I am intensely aware this and it just in turn makes me even more aroused.

He lays back and I position myself sitting upright, my arms out straight with my hands on his chest, I think I’m twisted ever so slightly to right.  I start to grind, front to back and rolling my hips forward – this creates intensely pleasurable friction on my clitoris.  Anatomically I’m pretty sure his penis is rubbing hard up against the inside wall of my vagina and over the top of my g-spot.  The combination of clitoral and vaginal/g-spot stimulation is fucking unreal.

There’s this feeling starting on the inside of my vagina traveling up through my body, it’s like warmth and light and all this awesome feeling sexually energy is welling.  I grind harder and just keep the rhythm up.  He is licking, sucking and touching my nipples which feels amazing and makes all that energy grow and grow.

He stops touching my nipples and for a moment I think the slight loss of sensation is going to make me unable to orgasm.  But he puts his hands on my hips and as I grind he’s pulling me down harder on his cock.

I grind and grind and then the incredible feeling overtakes me and I tip over into the most intense, pleasurable and quite long orgasm.  I can feel him inside me distinctly as my vagina contracts for what feels like a wonderfully long time with him in me.

By this point I am limp, gibbering goo.  I crawl away from sitting on him, lay onto my back, trying to catch my breath and relishing all the tingles traveling over my body.  But, I want him to come too, so it’s back into it!

I think I end up with my legs over his shoulders once more and it’s not long before he’s orgasmed too and is lying over me spent.

I like this bit about sex with someone you have some kind of connection with, or at least intimacy…  At the very end where you’re both sweaty and puffed and languishing but he’s still on the inside of you.  I tend to hug and stroke the persons back and arms too, I want to impart the appreciation on my part for awesome sex.

So at this point I’m all loved up and happy on the high of great sex, a mind blowing orgasm and then I drift off into a satisfied, deep and dream filled sleep.

Good stuff.