So after being super slack in my pursuit of being comfortably f-ed in the a for a whiles now, with the end goal of losing my butt virginity properly (by this I mean an actual penis) with minimal pain, I started my ‘training’ again last night.

What does training consist of you ask?

Well everytime I masturbate (which is pretty frequently) I incorperate some form of anal play.  Whether this involves actual penetration or not isn’t so important, as sexualising the act is, which is what I’m trying to do basically.  Gotta get my brain on board for this to be able to happen.

Last night I was able to penetrate myself with the slimmest vibe I have – bought specifically for the task.  It was a bit touch and go, but it slid in comfortably eventually, I had a good strong orgasm so I’m feeling pretty encouraged.

Now to work myself up the next size vibe I have and then get something bigger again.  Once I have that biggest size down it will be time to ask someone I trust to actually have anal sex.

I’m pretty excited.  It’s one of my ‘sexual goals’ for 09.

I should do a post about those hey…?  Next time gadget 😉