I really like receiving oral sex.  I also really enjoy giving it.  I can deep throat, I enjoy giving a bj and I find the act itself pretty damn hot.  But it would seem my willingness to do this and the fact I generally initiate this sexual actual somehow precludes me from getting any oral loving in return.

It sucks.  Literally.

I’m feeling really paranoid about it…  Like seriously, WTF is wrong with my pussy that makes people so fucking adverse to eating it, or like at present even touching it AT ALL?

I really like what I have, I think it’s pretty and compared to many other vagina’s quite petite.  (Yes, I know, vagina envy)

This is an ongoing thing and it’s just crap.  Even when I’ve been honest and upfront about my own sexual desires (i.e can you please put your mouth on my vagina?) it’s met with resounding silence or evasion, or worst of all excuses.  Since when did we live in a society of men who don’t go down on women?  Or is it just me that’s bereft?

This is actually beginning to get pretty upsetting.  What’s the point of having sex if a big part of what I want out of the experience is lacking?