I’m one of those girls who find it “difficult to orgasm” – well actually more to the point, it’s difficult to *make* me orgasm.  But I can make myself come just fine…

No one actually ever really bothers to go to the effort to either digitally or orally make me orgasm.

I’m constantly met with this ‘you need to come from sex or I’m not going to bother otherwise’ attitude.  And basically it’s pretty rare for me to be able to orgasm from penetration alone.  I’ve only been able to achieve this with one of my partners and I’m pretty certain it’s because of the rather unique shape of his cock.

Without clitoral stimulation I can’t come.  Sex alone is very enjoyable and pleasurable, but I would really like to see someone putting in the time and effort to help me achieve orgasm.

I do have a little clitoris and when I’m aroused it moves around a lot under stimulation, but no one has tried to learn my body enough to make it happen.


This has got to stop!!!  Next time I am interested in someone, whether purely sexually or in terms of a relationship I am going to be pretty straight about my sexual expectations: “please make me come from oral sex and digitally sometimes and you need to do both of these things (not necessarily ending in my orgasm) in foreplay HEAPS!!!

Yes I finally have enough balls to say that my pleasure needs to come first sometimes, instead of instantly getting into this routine when I just suck his cock and then we fuck.

I demand satisfaction.