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I do not know how, I do not know why, but somehow I managed to stay up til like 2am watching porn and masturbating last night. Even though I was quite tired and was in bed by about 11:30pm, I’d had too much caffeine and thought to myself I’ll wank until I felt sleepy…

I currently have my period and my use of the mooncup means I can easily masturbate without making any sort of mess.  Not that I’m adverse to mess, but it’s hard to get blood out my linens.  With the mooncup in I can happily rub away and still play with the entrance to my vagina too.

Having orgasms on my period lessens cramps and pain too, which is pretty win.

So I watched some KinkKrew stuff, I haven’t seen all of the DVD yet, so picked a scene and was pretty put off by the fact the girl in the scene was almost crying.  She was obviously not enjoying herself and the cameraman kept doing close ups of her face, you could see her trying to hold it together.  Worst.

Changed over to some different stuff on the net but it was taking too long to load, so I picked another dvd to watch on my laptop, ‘Girls, girls, girls’ – it’s pretty self explanatory.  Fuck I love lesbian porn.  Especially the first scene on the dvd of Pinkie Lee and Lorelei.  It’s Pinkie Lee’s first lesbian scene and it’s pretty damn frenzied.  It’s also kind of hardcore, I’ve seen Lorelai on the WaterBondage site and she has some serious kinks.

So apparently for like 2 and a half hours I held my tiny little bullet on my clit and writhed about.  Well as much as you can writhe whilst sitting up looking at a laptop screen.  I was in a kind of deep, dirty mood where ordinarily I would have tried to cram as much as I could into me, but in light of there already being a mooncup in my vagina I concentrated on my ass.

Can I just say how much I love my pink beads right now.  Sliding them bit by bit into my ass feels incredible.  I wish so much I could fuck someone with them inside me at the same time.  I know when I use a big vibe inside my vagina and the beads in my butt it feels so fucking good.  I feel so ‘crammed full’ and have these wonderful deep shuddering orgasms where my ass and vagina are both contracting really hard.

Anywho, back to my wank.  I lubed myself up before starting and was just playing with my fingers originally before grabbing my beads.  I slid them in slowly and carefully.  I sat under the covers to dull the noise of the bullet, but leaving my breasts exposed so the cold air would harden my nipples.

With the beads inside me, my hand was free to play with my nipples and also slide the bullet up and down on my clit.  All the whiles my eyes are glued to the screen of my laptop.

I came 3 times.  With short breathers in between.  Big, strong, deep and long orgasms, I had involuntary leg spasms and I hopefully didn’t make too much noise, but I know I made some.  It felt so good to come, I love the orgasms I have when I’m menstruating.  I’m seemingly extremely aroused this week, which isn’t unusual but not usually within the first few days.

Writing about this is making me want to go home and do it all again.

Last night, for the first time in my life, I was too tired to wank.

I was reading my book about commodity corn and thought to myself, I’d like to have an orgasm, put my book down and promptly fell asleep.

Heh.  Will have to make it for it tonight!

The little tendrils of sexiness I was projecting out into the world have been burnt.  Rather badly.  And from a few different sources.  This feeling makes me want to be one of those little roly-poly insects that roll up into a ball to protect themselves.  If only it were that simple and not a jumbled mess of emotion, just about to get my period hormones, my fucked up head and the fact that I am so bloody stupid.

I wish people weren’t such fucking jerks.

I just masturbated myself to orgasm twice and sounds came out of my mouth that I didn’t even know I was capable of making.

Close to my period I am pretty much in a state of constant arousal, I’m due in 1 week and it looks like crazy sexy times have begun.  Let the frantic wanking begin!

Although in all seriousness those were 2 identically awesome, intense and deep orgasms.  1st one I was in a squatting position with a bullet on my clit and my smooth silver vibe inside me.  The whole time I was reading 25 things about my sexuality (which seems kinda disturbed…) and although I have both vibes turned up all the way, I didn’t come straight away which was awesome.  I was kinda thrusting my hips forward to meet the vibe, which I was holding in place and held the little bullet right on top of my clitorus.

I just about fell on my face when I came.

2nd one I sat up on my bed and rubbed my clit with the bullet, whilst playing with and squeezing my nipples.  I was still reading 25 things and this time it took me longer to orgasm, but when I did these involuntary cries and moans erupted out of me.  Thank Barbara Streissand no one else was home.

The whole time what turned me on the most was the feeling of wetness and hotness coming from my vagina.  And the heat, holy shit, it still feels like theres radiator in my knickers.

All of this occured with my sneakers still on and my trousers and knickers around my ankles.  That was fucking crazy!

I also just realised that for the most part my orgasms come in 2’s these days.  This never used to be the case, I’d come once and I’d been happy.  Now I know the capability of my body to give me more than that, I’m a greedy fucker and get more.

Yum.  Feeling sexy and spending some time with my body is back.  My period can always be relied upon to bring back this feeling if, like it has over the past few weeks, it has escaped me.

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