I now have a boyfriend, who is actually my best friend.

Without going into stupendous detail, something that has been rolling around in my mind for a whiles now, actually happened.

It’s crazy and scary and very cool…  I’m so bloody frightened of fucking this up.  This is important, very very important and I seem to fail at these sorts of things in general.  I am trying not to focus on this however, he’s an awesome guy and I feel optimistic that this will work.

The first night we spent together did not exactly include sex…  But there was pretty much everything else going on.  It was awesome, we were both mega trashed and just played and played and played.  He had been out the night before so eventually bombed out, we were cuddled together and I masturbated myself to orgasm in his arms.  So totally fucking rad.

Although since then I have been bleeding ever so slightly, which is odd but it has seemingly stopped today otherwise I would have been starting to get pretty worried and been calling my doctor to go in.

So, yeah, let the sexy times roll…