One of the main perks of having a boyfriend is that you get sex, like, all the time.  Laf.  Weekend just gone we had much and many sexy-times.  *grin*

By this point we’ve worked out quite a lot about each others bodies.  It’s amazing how quickly I’ve become comfortable with him…  We were actually talking about that very thing on Sunday night.  I think the closeness of our friendship meant that this step isn’t that much further than what was between us already.

Right now I am pinching myself, it’s only just a few weeks in and the sex is hot and awesome.  And he *loves* eating my pussy!!!!  I cannot even begin to describe how fucking awesome this is.  Pretty much every time we’ve fucked there has been mutual oral sex preceding it.  Also there is generally always more than 1 round.

It. Is. Brilliant.

This person feels so physically in tune with me, it’s kind of bizarre…  The freaked out feeling of ‘ holy fucking barbara streisand I’m banging my best mate’ is slowly disapating.  To be replaced by elation that this thing is actually working, I’m happy, we’re happy and being so totally blissed out at how relaxed it all is.

It’s really really nice and I know it’s super early days, but I think this is going to good and not the usual clusterfuck my relationships tend to be.

Can’t wait to write about our sex some as well.  I’m going to have a whole avalanche of brand new stuff to ponder and muse here…  Sex ftw!