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I’m going on holidays, with eeeeep – no intertubes, for a week.

Hope everyone has a safe New Years!

I may just return with a story or two to share…  I think it’s gonna be one of those craaaaaaazy times.


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So… you may have noticed a banner for the site on the left hand column of this blog.  To say I am a fan of this space would a gross understatement.  You have most likely already watched the above show reel and by the time you’re reading this text may just have an inkling of why I love, love, LOVE

I not only subscribe to ifm, but I am also a contributor there.  These people are amazing, the process unique and everything you see there is real.

Possibly the only space, well the only one I know of aside from Beautiful Agony, for pornography where the orgasms are 100% real, the ladies for the most part aren’t in the adult industry and when you come in to make a film for IFM it is stressed that they simply want to capture what it is you do, to get off.

There are no exaggerations or embellishments to the intimate moments shown here, just real women having real orgasms and sharing something truly amazing.  The lighting, music, editing, camera angles and general mood is carefully crafted and the films made here are just beautiful watch…  Some of the ‘adventure’ category videos are simply breath taking in their artistry.

Oh and ALL of this is in High Def.  The change over to HD occurred in June, so loads of the archived material is stand definition, but production is always of a high quality.

Okay, I think I’ve gushed enough.  I’m such a groupie!

But honestly check out the showreel I’ve posted and if you think this is a site you’d like to become a member of,  you will receive 10% discount if you join up through the reel or IFM banners on this blog.



Is there a particular song or album that you have gotten your rocks off to, or you think would be good to?

Am currently making a double sided mix tape (2 disc compilation) of tracks to have sexy-times to.

Suggestions and recommendations please!

And thankyou.

Soooooo, heading to my guys place last night I decided to pop in some ‘surprises’ for him.  Firstly I do not recommend trying to insert Ben Wah balls whilst you’re stopped at the traffic lights (in a car of course).  The ones I have are pink unattached balls and I have only used them once before.

His place is approx 25 minutes drive, so once I push them inside me I kinda forget about them, but every now and then I become acutely aware of their presence.  It’s extremely nice and it’s also something quite naughty inside my head, at times whilst I’m eating dinner and packing dishes away I can’t help but emit some noise due to the little shocks of pleasure I get now and then.

We retire to bed, get naked and start feeling each other up with the intention of fucking.  I kneel up on the bed and say in my sexiest voice “I have a surprise for you” with my sexiest look  I attempt to produce one of the balls.

This is the point where it all goes horribly horribly wrong.  The first ball which I can easily reach just keeps slipping out of my fingers.  I lay down to try to get a better grip… no joy.  A feeling of creeping horror is overcoming me and by this point my man has realised something is just not right.

I divulge the fact there are pink spherical obstructions inside my vagina and try to calm down.  He offers help, I accept and after much rather uncomfortable digging around in my vagina he fails to produce a ball.  Fighting a tide of now swiftly rising terror, I get off the bed and heavily jump up and down on the spot trying to move the ball down closer to the entrance of my vagina.

I reach down and wrangle out one of the balls.  I am only halfway to relief though.  There is still one ball inside me.  I try to remove it, same deal it just slides out of my fingers.  I begin to see just how ridiculous and hilarious this situation is.  There is laughter.

I eventually just go to the bathroom and pee.  Sitting over the toilet afterwards is how I get the second ball out…  I think I just needed to relax.

Back in the bedroom we have a giggle, I thrown the balls in the bin and we crawl into bed to still have sex, although it’s a surprise either of us felt like it after that little escapade.

I can’t help but laugh at my epic sexy fail.  It’s just too funny not to.

Taken in ’07.

Is not something I have engaged in a great deal.  Well not comfortably and happily at least.

My first partner mentally scarred me about having sex whilst on my period, with his undisguised revulsion of my menstrual blood.  We were together for almost 4 years, so how unsexy and not-desirable I was when bleeding was hammered into me fairly well.  I was taught to ‘stay away’ when I had my period.

It’s taken me so long to work myself out of that place.

Over the past year I’ve come to realise that just before and whilst I’m menstruating is my sexual peak.  I now know my cycle, my body and how it all works inside out.  I used to dread my period, I have endometriosis and it always meant pain and pms and being undesirable was coming.  I now find bleeding really really comforting.  I also have *amazing* orgasms during this peak, especially when I’m bleeding.

When I’m stressed out, really busy or not sleeping properly my libido just disapears, but when I get my period it’s like my mind and body reset.  My desire to have sex, naturally occuring levels of arousal etc return.  I also now have a proper pain management plan, my mooncup solves a lot of physical discomfort and removes my mental anxiety about leaking.  I no longer freak out about TSS either.  My mooncup and acceptance of my hormonal peak during my period also means I masturbate like crazy during this time.  I am finally, after years of hating it, able to love myself and my blood.

Last night I had sex whilst bleeding and actually felt fine about it.  Not stressed, worried, upset or uncomfortable, at all, for the first time in my entire sexual life.  I had spoken to my boyfriend about this very topic previously, at a point where we were friends and hadn’t yet got together, he was so not fussed about it that it set me completely at ease from the get-go.  There are few whom I think I could engage in foreplay with, stop to pluck out my mooncup then lay back and let them touch me before launching into awesome sex.

The sex, whilst short, was lovely.  I lay a towel under my bum just in case of spillage and was on my back the entire time.  Despite us having sex in a way we usually wouldn’t (me on my back the entire fuck) it was still good, I was in the moment and enjoying the sensation of him inside me.  No part of me was freaking out about bleeding all over the place, or on him etc etc.

I actually feel like we shared something pretty special.

The extremity of surgery never enters my mind when it comes to my insecurities…

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