Soooooo, heading to my guys place last night I decided to pop in some ‘surprises’ for him.  Firstly I do not recommend trying to insert Ben Wah balls whilst you’re stopped at the traffic lights (in a car of course).  The ones I have are pink unattached balls and I have only used them once before.

His place is approx 25 minutes drive, so once I push them inside me I kinda forget about them, but every now and then I become acutely aware of their presence.  It’s extremely nice and it’s also something quite naughty inside my head, at times whilst I’m eating dinner and packing dishes away I can’t help but emit some noise due to the little shocks of pleasure I get now and then.

We retire to bed, get naked and start feeling each other up with the intention of fucking.  I kneel up on the bed and say in my sexiest voice “I have a surprise for you” with my sexiest look  I attempt to produce one of the balls.

This is the point where it all goes horribly horribly wrong.  The first ball which I can easily reach just keeps slipping out of my fingers.  I lay down to try to get a better grip… no joy.  A feeling of creeping horror is overcoming me and by this point my man has realised something is just not right.

I divulge the fact there are pink spherical obstructions inside my vagina and try to calm down.  He offers help, I accept and after much rather uncomfortable digging around in my vagina he fails to produce a ball.  Fighting a tide of now swiftly rising terror, I get off the bed and heavily jump up and down on the spot trying to move the ball down closer to the entrance of my vagina.

I reach down and wrangle out one of the balls.  I am only halfway to relief though.  There is still one ball inside me.  I try to remove it, same deal it just slides out of my fingers.  I begin to see just how ridiculous and hilarious this situation is.  There is laughter.

I eventually just go to the bathroom and pee.  Sitting over the toilet afterwards is how I get the second ball out…  I think I just needed to relax.

Back in the bedroom we have a giggle, I thrown the balls in the bin and we crawl into bed to still have sex, although it’s a surprise either of us felt like it after that little escapade.

I can’t help but laugh at my epic sexy fail.  It’s just too funny not to.