Why is this so?

I have slept with many men in my short, but adventurous 24 years (almpst 25 now) and up until my current partner I have noticed men, in my experience, do not wear sexual sensation on their faces and are reluctant to vocalise.

I’ve seen a fairly significant amount of content over at BeautifulAgony.com (see the banner on the left) and my experience kind of rings true there as well, ladies seem much more at ease and relaxed in their sexual exploration of themselves.

So whether in partnered pursuits or seemingly on their own, guys, at large seem to contain their sexual energy within and I really want to know why…

My current partner is possibly the best sexual partner I’ve ever had.  A big part of why, is his uninhibited and unselfconscious manner in whatever sexual task is at hand.  What makes him even more so the best partner, is just watching his face express all the nuisances of the sensation when we’re fucking does so much for me, hearing the cries, moans and erratic breathing when hes in my mouth makes me insanely aroused.

His face and vocalisations at the point of orgasm absolutely blow me away.  His obvious and unabashed pleasure increases my own pleasure.

Is this then, the only time in my life where I have gained true intimacy with someone, so that they’re comfortable in allowing me to see them as they truly are?  No.  I don’t think so.  Because the sex I have had with women, whilst not as prolific as my hetero fucks, has been of the honest and expressive quality that I am currently having with my guy.

Which leaves me perplexed about the reasoning behind this behavoural difference in sex between men and women.