I have been lacking  in this department for the past little while.  Sorry to those I’ve left hanging, but I have been somewhat bereft of any energy in this space.  When this occurs I would rather take a step back than produce subpar writing or content.

Never fear though!  I am back and digging around in my drafts, as I have at least noted down noteworthy occurances over the past short while.  Things have been pretty peachy with my man and our relationship is going strong, our sexual energy is growing and deepening…  We’ve been having some particularly awesome and nasty sex of late which I am truly looking forward to articulating here.

Been to a bush doof last week also…  Had a rather spectacular lsd induced moment of self loving there too, my guy was by my side in our tent, albiet unconscious and kinda snoring –  it was pretty fucking brilliant him just being there while I experienced such pleasure and joy though.

So looking forward to sharing all the thoughts and experiences of my past little while and  this is in no small part to the fact writing in general will be so much easier as I purchased myself a little acer netbook yesterday.

This post was brought to you by the letter B.  B is for bed, which is where I am currently comfortably propped up and typing away.

Awesomesauce. xo