I have a new home.  Aaaaaaaaaaall to myself.

Am in the process of sorting and cleaning and deciding where everything goes.  It’s been massively stressful, but after nearly a week in my new home I can feel my mojo returning.

So much was inside my head for so long, I was in a bad situation (housing wise) and it was seemingly really affecting me much more than I was aware of.  I knew I was tired and stressed a lot, I knew I didn’t feel like having sex much, but now that I actually feel good I realise just how bad I felt.

I get aroused by my thoughts again.  I sit here, typing this and feeling sexy.  It’s awesome.

Tonight myself and my man are going on a date.  We don’t get to do this sort of thing very often these days, too busy etc etc, so I am really really looking forward to it.  Meaningful time spent together is usually followed by especially hot sex, so yeah, also really really looking forward to the hot sex bit too.