I arranged to meet my man at his place around 7pm, so I dashed home after work and ditched my clothes, packed up a bag of stuff and donned a pretty frock.

We went out to a see Avatar in the ‘directors suite’ at the cinema.  This meant not only big comfy reclining couches, but also having drinks served to us throughout the film.  I was absolutely captivated by the movie, although it made me cry an awful lot.  We held hands between our couches pretty much the whole time…  It was so lovely to just get some one on one time, to do something enjoyable together and be spoiled a little.

There was lots of cuddles, hand holding and just physical closeness throughout the night.  It was all so perfect.  The movie finished close to midnight so we came home and crawled into bed, shed our clothes and made out naked under the covers.  There was lots of heavy breathing, eye contact and ‘I love you’s going on…

Typing that out it sounds so much less than what it was.  But yeah, we were both feeling it and each other a whoooooole lot.

We started grinding and touching, which culminated in this lovely, long and drawn out mutual masturbation session.  Part way through we decided we didn’t want to have sex per se, we just wanted to keep doing what we were doing.  He told me he wanted to orgasm with me.

Every guy I’ve ever been with has really balked at the task of manually making me orgasm (either digitally or orally).  I acknowledge it’s kinda hard, I have a small clitoris and it moves around a lot, I also will have to give you some verbal direction if you want to make me come.  But, seriously, I can count on 1 hand the amount of times anyone has gone to the effort.  I’ve fucked and fooled around with a lot of people too…

But my guy totally stuck with it, with vigor too.  He was on the edge of an orgasm for at least half the time we were masturbating each other.  He made me hold back from making him orgasm because he was adamant he wanted to come with me.  He actually ended up requiring very minimal direction and when I did need to tell him to move a little left etc, he was precise and accurate and just fucking awesome.

I knew he was going to stick with me until I dropped over the edge into orgasm, so I could relax, let go and really really enjoy the sensation of his fingers rubbing over my clit and his mouth on my nipple.  To say I lost myself would be a total understatement…

When I did orgasm it was oh so very very intense, a full body rolling wave of pleasure and contractions that seemed to go for a wonderfully long time.  I made him come with me and spilled him all over my tummy.

We lay holding one another in our after glow for sometime afterwards.

I could have cried, I felt so happy and loved and in love.

This is the first time we’ve done this together and discussing it over the weekend, between ourselves it most certainly won’t be the last.  I feel so close to him for this experience and we both enjoyed it so much.  I am truly blessed with a wonderful, giving and sharing partner.  I feel like we have barely scraped the surface of what we are going to experience together and talking over the weekend of everything we want to do together, sexually or not, has filled me with so much happiness.

Going to a new house by myself was the best hard decision I’ve had to make.

I am so very excited.  Bring on the sexy times.