The video clip might interest you

me:  I have no audio on my work pc 😦

Andrew:  :-(Definately worth watching
Discussing whether censorship rules in Australia are distorting people’s view of waht ‘normal’ female gentalia is
Leading to an increase in labiaplasty
Actually includes some detail of the procedure too…

me:  Ahhh, yes I’ve seen that
It was featured on overkill blog
But thank you 🙂

Andrew:  NP
Has always bothered me
I used to occasionally buy the m15 and r versions of the same edition of penthouse to put them side by side
Distrubing shit

me:  Censorship is fucked.  Let alone censorship that makes young girls think their genitals are abnormal to the point of surgical alteration
Really really boils my blood

Andrew:  nods
I think it also distorts men’s view as well

me:  Oh course it does!  But at the same time if you are exposed to enough real womens vulvas guys get an opportunity to see different types.
Women in general, don’t get exposed to a heap of vag’s, except in pron

Andrew:  Gerneally though, prono is stylised to be what you’re supposed to think is attractive:
big boobs
and a featureless cleft
I remember for a while there it was hard to find anything other than a blonde in porno
Definately make you wonder if likeing brunettes better is strange

me:  Laf.  That’s why brunettes and esp gingers make a killing when they get into making films.  The market was starving, for a long time, for something different.

me:  ha
speaking of censorship, the woman who does the ‘show us your tits’ project (world acclaimed art project) had breast feeding images censored by facebook
she went on abc radio to talk about it and now it’s gone worldwide
cop that facecrack!

Andrew:  hehe
I really wish western society would get over this whole boobs/vag/penis/sex is bad thing
Voilence is bad but we can watch that on TV all day

me:  precisely
When did we get all victorian?
There was a teensy bit of liberation for a while there
But the churchies dealt with that
we are adults ffs
I resent my government deciding what I am allowed to watch, download and what I show my kids

Andrew:  I just watched a doco on donkey fucking in northern columbia
I’m pretty sure that kind of thing wouldn’t be allowed through the new filter
But it deals with something that I’m pretty sure happens here

me:  Yup

Andrew:  And everywhere there are men and animals

me:  Don’t give people information, it will give them ‘ideas’ or corrupt children.  It’s happening anyways!  Why not bring it out in the open!

Andrew:  (Incidentally, someone sent me the link after discussing ass vs donkey and tapping ass)

me:  Laf

Andrew:  Interesting 15 minutes
I now know more about it than I really needed to maybe but at least I’m informed now

me:  😉

Andrew:  shrugs
Has changed my view
So maybe that was a good thing

me:  That’s just it!  You should have the right to access information and make YOUR mind up about it

Andrew:  preeching to the choir

me:  I know
I just get really passionate about this stuff…
Sorry 😛

Andrew:  NP
It’s why I mentioned it
(originally, way, way up there ^)

me:  You know me well.