For me, writing this blog is, at times, like treading a fine line.

I feel like I can’t post too frequently (or mostly) sexy pictures and hot fucking stories or my blog will arrive at a place where I will be subjugated or not ‘taken seriously’…  Sometimes I think this stuff is all in my head, but to be honest, on the whole I think that the aforementioned perception of me would be accurate if I didn’t have anything else to talk about here but sex and posting rude photos.

This kinda pisses me off.  It mostly pisses me off that I even consider this stuff full stop and that if I critically appraise myself then I very probably actually buy into this notion.  ‘If all I submit to a space is content that titilates I will not be respected or considered intelligent, I may be considered without personal morals or self respect… especially by other women’

Is this sort of perception genuinely real, or am I just supremely twitchy/paranoid about being judged negatively?  Well… if quite a number of people I know, good people, every day people, friends, aquaintances, family, folk from all over the world that I’ve talked to about this, those that I eavesdrop on, men and women of all cultural backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientations that I talk to and work with in my job are anything to judge by, then, yes, it is most certainly a common perception.

Putting shots of my pussy here, pimping adult sites I’m on and being proud and happy of the porn I’ve made, graphic descriptions of sex and my masturbation sessions…  admitting to aspirations of being fucked in the ass by a big hard cock, according to one rather righteous female, asserting the ‘feminist prerogative’ (cos there’s only one you know!) to me, “disempowers and subjugates women everywhere”.

You know what I say?  Fuck. That. Shit.

Anyone that tries to dictate to me, or to anyone else (let alone an entire gender, religion, class, sexual orientation etc etc) what you can and cannot derive pleasure, happiness or fulfilment from disempowers and subjugates the human race as a fucking whole.  By attempting to impose your personal sense of right and wrong as an absolute to me, you’ve just demonstrated your narrow mindedness and hyprocrisy to me so much so that I can gaurantee your sermon will most certainly fail to shame me, let alone actually change me.

So pull your head in, or better still, push it outside the square enough to acknowledge everyone needs to live their own truth and just because yours is right for you or the group you identify with, it’s not what *every* female, male, gay, straight, young, old, christian, catholic, jew, australian, american or WHATEVER needs, wants or will choose.

Now.  I am going to do my damndest to stop my perpetuation of the notion that my porn, fucks, body and desires need to be matched with non-sexual, serious, wordy and ‘intelligent’ musings in order for me to be considered a smart, well rounded, happy, proud, self respecting, feminist, empowered and worthwile woman.

/end rant.