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Awesome effect from a botched photo…

Soooo.  My ass obsession continues (as you may have noticed…)

My guy is totally in on it too.  First time in my life I think I have ever trusted *anyone* to put *anything* in my butt.  I think a lot of why I can trust him is because when I told him about liking my ass being touched and possibly penetrated he also liked it, but did not go all rabid/slavering and start begging me to let him “put it in there”.

Ongoing ass play is a first for both of us, it’s something we’re exploring together and seemingly we both get off on it quite a lot.

The whole notion of butt seks is such an epic turn on.  Although it’s a relatively recent development, it’s really only been about a year and a half that this particular act has held any allure for me.  I used to be a strictly my butt = exit-not-an-entry kind of gal.

Although I think with age, comes maturity and with maturity comes the ability to rationalise that a hell of a lot of women have anal sex and really enjoy it and thus maybe, just maybe, I can give it a bash.  Also in my line of work I see a fair amount of footage (read: a metric fuck tonne) of women masturbating and for some women anal play is a regular part of their wanking repertoire.

Me and the guy are dutifully working towards him being able to fuck me in the ass, it’s now also a topic that has become part of the dirty talk we sometimes do during the nastier of our shags.  It’s hot, I love it and whilst I honestly think I want it a bit more than my partner, it’s so exciting to be exploring something new and unknown in regards to my body, the sex I have and how I masturbate.

I’ve been able to tick 1 thing off my sexual goals list not so long ago, am feeling motivated to make it 2.

Wish me luck 🙂

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