I don’t have enough time to post here this week, so here’s some free sexy stuff from over at

I have been particularly awed (and aroused) by the freaking awesome content that has been flowing out of this site for the past few weeks. There are a handful of specific vids I have been enjoying a lot of alone time with too đŸ˜‰ My favourites list is getting a little outta control…

If you are keen to actually join up, clicking on any of my banner/vid links will get you 10% off your membership spend too.
Play Showreel

^This is the site show-reel, it gives you a mash-up of all the loads of different style films and a great sample of all the wonderful women this site films. You might just catch a glimpse of me in there too…
Play Trailer

^This is the IFM site weekly preview. It’s a glimpse at what is going down on the site this week.

Hope you enjoy these tasty bits and pieces and I’ll be back in the land of posting here more regularly soon. I’m writing about some crazy naughty fun me and the boy had last weekend when I have time, so aiming to get that out onto the tron by the end of the week.