A little while ago I spent some time in the studio recording some of my sexy tales.

All the stories I write are personal experiences that I’ve documented as best I can, sexual non-fiction if you will.

It was an awesome and surprisingly emotional experience.  Actually vocalising what I write, which are the things I have actually experienced made me really re-live them via my records of my inner monolgue.  The lovely H whom chose which of my stories I was to read, organised my studio time and worked with me to record them. She told me she has been cyber stalking me via my blog and had sincerely hoped I would agree to tell these tales in the studio, as she felt it just wouldn’t be right for anyone else to read them.  Throughout she was so happy with how me and my stories sounded…  She said she always read my posts here and heard my voice telling them inside her head as she read them.

I was really amazed by this.  I guess I never thought my writing would engage someone so much. It’s a good feeling to know this as I so want to be able to articulate my thoughts, feelings, goals, aspirations, rants, fears and especially the experiences I have well.  The good, the bad and the ugly too.  I just want to be honest and truthful in my ongoing sexual journey and translate that as best I can here.

To be asked to share those stories and throw a wider net of those whom I share my experiences with is absolutely fucking rad, without a doubt. To have my writing bought and then be the person whom is recorded, telling my stories as my inner monologue and being able to relive those awesome times in turn is just incredible.

It makes me feel incredibly inspired to keep writing and investing in my own self documentation.

Going to record a litte more stuff in a week and it’s something I am looking forward to greatly.