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I’ve posted the end images for each of the three Doctor Voluptua stories, because they are just so insanely awesome and I don’t think you understand just how fucking brilliant this comic is without actually seeing it.

Go check it out, it’s hilarious and this artist is so incredibly talented: Doctor Voluptua Comic

The way we all freak out so fucking hard about the most normal, banal and goddamn necessary bodily functions.

It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Everyone sits on the toilet to pee and poo.  Like everyone, even the queen has to sit on the throne and crap you know!  Every woman has a menstrual cycle and bleeds (shock horror!).  If you’re not a woman personally, then your mum, sister, girlfriend and female friends bleed monthly.  Yes!  It’s true!

Why are we all so frightened and disgusted by the machinations of our earthly vehicles?  Especially with period stuff!?!

Seriously, that icky, inconvenient and ‘gross’ thing happens every month is the reason you’re physically here to even feel repulsed in the first place.  We’re so busy cramming poisoneous wads of cotton up our snatches to make our uterous shedding it’s lining as inconspicuous as possible that we don’t even stop to think what that blood means anymore.

This is going to make me sound like an epic crystal licking hippy, but that blood is life.

Life, in a literal menstrual stemcells will help scientists grow your legs back kind of way AND also, you know, engender you growing another human being inside you if that’s what you choose.

Or the fact that women contain the means to continue the growth of the human race and some may say menstrual blood is symbolic of life itself.

I guess why I get so jacked off though, is because of my own personal experiences.

I have no issues continuing my conversation with you from the toilet, pissing with the door open so we can still chat.  Or talking on the phone, you may hear the loo flush partway through…  I am hornier than thou when I’m just about to and whilst menstruating, I’m not shy to say so and persue gratification.  I’m also really interested in menstrual art, ritual and more recently becoming aware of the outrage so many direct towards period porn.

The reactions that I have garnered from many in regards to holding such views and practises have ranged from shock to down and out utter revulsion.

I think that’s really fucked up.  It also really makes my blood boil that so many feel absolutely justified to tell me precisely how ashamed I should be of my body and the wonderful things it does and in turn clearly illustrate this attitude is the societal norm.

Balls to that.  I do my best to feel nothing but love for all the sticky, squishy, fragrant, miraculous and bloody incredible things my body does.

You should give it a shot too.

Dont quit your day job

So, I’ve made some art for an exhibition. This^ is my invite.

I’m doing it with a group of wonderful ladies and one very spunky man I know. They’re all amazing artists, whom I love and respect a metric fuck-tonne.

You can see all their exhibition invites here

If you’re in Melbourne and want to come check it out, the exhibition ‘Don’t quit your day job’ will run from Friday 1st of October for 2 weeks.

It’s being held at Hogan Gallery, 310 Smith Street, Collingwood.

I’ll be there for opening night on Friday the 1st, from 6pm onwards.

This is my first ever exhibition, my art is fairly ‘full-on’ in nature (there’s menstrual blood involved – people usually freak out about that sort of thing…) and I’m currently packing myself about..well… all of it really.

“If you have ever enjoyed eavesdropping, if you have ever lingered too long over a stranger’s conversation, if you have ever held your breath at night to catch your neighbours’ bedtime antics – then you’re in the right place. SonicErotica is your E spot, a museum of saucy sounds that will make your ears blush and your imagination, er – hard. SonicErotica is the first erotic web site that aims to produce content designed for and accessible to vision impaired people. You’ll find us easy to navigate with a screen reader such as JAWS, and full of stimulating stories, adventures, and personal confessions to make your ears blush.”

The absolutely fantastic, amazing and awesome project that is, Sonic Erotica, has relaunched TODAY after an epic hiatus that stretched over the past couple of years.

Click here for the tasty audio morsels: Sonic Erotica

Please head on over and check it out, a brand-spanking-new story has just gone up and there is also several sweet teaser clips posted too.

This video^ is a great hands-on instructional guide on how to use your mooncup.

I have been using my mooncup for so long, I forgot what traditional sanitary items were like. I had viral gastro not very long ago and after the 3rd day I started to bleed as my pill wasn’t absorbing (consistant vomiting and diarrhea will do that to you). I was at my partners house and very ill, so he went to the supermarket and bought me some winged pads – this is what I used to use at nighttimes before I had a mooncup.

Within 2 days of using these items, I had a couple of small and painful pimple type things where my inner thighs met my pubic area and my poor outer labia were raw, tender and slightly rashed. I felt like I’d had gravel in my knickers for a couple of days. It was awful.

I also felt like I was wearing a nappy. My period felt gross and inconvenient. I felt concerned about leaking onto the bed and sheets. I was annoyed my body was putting me in a yucky and stressful position. Then I realised that I usually didn’t feel like that towards menstruating.

It was the manner in which I collecting or absorbing my flow that was really really bothering me.

I felt uncomfortable physically and mentally with the entire situation. So I went home, had a shower and inserted my mooncup. The rest of the week went by without further negative feelings or physical discomfort. I realised just how much my attitude towards my period, my body and the way I conduct myself when bleeding and how I feel about that, has shifted significantly since I started using the mooncup.

It is really nice to notice a real positive shift in how I perceive myself in the process of something that is inherantly female: menstruating.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these amazing items, this NZ company does them at an excellent price and they are fantastic to deal with: GreenBeans

The longest, most languid and delerious session of play…

Tongues probing, fingers stroking, moans escaping, toys buzzing, his grunts and our waves of pleasure.

No one to have to be quiet for, nothing to have to get up for in the morning, not a thing standing in the way of enjoying each other and indulging in the kinks and delicious perversions we are seldom free and able to fully explore.

Allowing myself to fully submit to him, submit like I’ve really wanted to, submit like I goddamn well love to deep down, but hesitate, because, well… we all have some inhabitions.

He is touching me with both hands, hovering over me and laying kisses softly on my face, neck and breasts.  His coarse facial hair ever so slightly rubbing on my skin.  I am shuddering involuntarily in absolute pleasure… the sweetest kind of sensory overload.

His face moves down to my pussy, a soft, long lick over my clit and if I didn’t before, I now fully belong to him, to the sensation he is creating.  His fingers are still inside me, but his other hand slick with my wetness has moved lower.  He is stroking and gently probing the entrance to my ass and it feels absolutely phenomonal.

1 finger easily slides inside me and I lose it, everything feels so good, almost too good and I can hear my cries and the cheap vinyl couch underneath me as I writhe.

It would easily have been an hour of this calibre of play, the only breaks when I ask him to stop and fuck my face.  I remember distinctly that his pubic hair smelt wonderful in my face… like clean linen or something equally wholesome and nice.  I know I have one of my bigger butt toys inside me and have at one point been penetrated annally with 2 fingers not only comfortably but extremely pleasurably when I decide I want him to fuck me there.

I stop the proceedings to ask in my politest voice if he would be so kind and giving as to put his cock inside my ass, please.

We make ourselves even more slippery with pjur and take our time to ease him inside me.  I am on all fours and holding a vibe up against my clit.  He slides, slowly, gradually inside me and it feels incredible.  He gently thrusts inside me, back and forth, constantly checking in with me, asking if I feel good and rubbing his hands down my sides, brushing the sides of my breasts and over my buttocks.

I know I’m making a hell of a lot of noise at this point, but I just don’t care, I feel so good and so overwhelmed with sensation.  Our gentle anal sex soon becomes progressively nastier as I am more and more comfortable.  I tell him to grab my hair.

At no point did I feel pain, but there was a very ‘stretched’ sort of feeling going on and I knew that it meant we had to be gentle or discomfort would most definitely follow.  We just took our time though and actually had a little rest break part way through, we were both sweating like mad.

This, my first anal sex experience, was so thoroughly enjoyable I am so happy I slowly and deliberately experimented and then gradually worked towards full penetrative sex.  I have learnt so much about my body and it’s response to anal stimulation in many forms, I felt comfortable and at ease… okay no, I was downright eager for the actual sex by the time the act itself occured.  It is also a testament to the awesomeness and openess in my relationship.  I am with the most beautiful, sensual, gentle man that I love and trust so freaking much the force of this feeling frightens me sometimes.

So in conclusion: first time butt seks FTW!

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