This video^ is a great hands-on instructional guide on how to use your mooncup.

I have been using my mooncup for so long, I forgot what traditional sanitary items were like. I had viral gastro not very long ago and after the 3rd day I started to bleed as my pill wasn’t absorbing (consistant vomiting and diarrhea will do that to you). I was at my partners house and very ill, so he went to the supermarket and bought me some winged pads – this is what I used to use at nighttimes before I had a mooncup.

Within 2 days of using these items, I had a couple of small and painful pimple type things where my inner thighs met my pubic area and my poor outer labia were raw, tender and slightly rashed. I felt like I’d had gravel in my knickers for a couple of days. It was awful.

I also felt like I was wearing a nappy. My period felt gross and inconvenient. I felt concerned about leaking onto the bed and sheets. I was annoyed my body was putting me in a yucky and stressful position. Then I realised that I usually didn’t feel like that towards menstruating.

It was the manner in which I collecting or absorbing my flow that was really really bothering me.

I felt uncomfortable physically and mentally with the entire situation. So I went home, had a shower and inserted my mooncup. The rest of the week went by without further negative feelings or physical discomfort. I realised just how much my attitude towards my period, my body and the way I conduct myself when bleeding and how I feel about that, has shifted significantly since I started using the mooncup.

It is really nice to notice a real positive shift in how I perceive myself in the process of something that is inherantly female: menstruating.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these amazing items, this NZ company does them at an excellent price and they are fantastic to deal with: GreenBeans