Dont quit your day job

So, I’ve made some art for an exhibition. This^ is my invite.

I’m doing it with a group of wonderful ladies and one very spunky man I know. They’re all amazing artists, whom I love and respect a metric fuck-tonne.

You can see all their exhibition invites here

If you’re in Melbourne and want to come check it out, the exhibition ‘Don’t quit your day job’ will run from Friday 1st of October for 2 weeks.

It’s being held at Hogan Gallery, 310 Smith Street, Collingwood.

I’ll be there for opening night on Friday the 1st, from 6pm onwards.

This is my first ever exhibition, my art is fairly ‘full-on’ in nature (there’s menstrual blood involved – people usually freak out about that sort of thing…) and I’m currently packing myself about..well… all of it really.