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Being a relative sexy-blog n00b, I’ve only *just* heard of this list and now I’m slowly, but surely working my way through. I’m so excited to find so many new super sexy spaces to read. It’s going to take a whiles me thinks, but still with so much awesomeness ahead, who can complain?


Here is the link to the top-100 list over at Between My Sheets: top-100-sex-bloggers-of-2010

You should so totally go check it out 😀


Way back in March I wrote this entry: Date Night Rules!

A little while ago I recorded this story in the studio for Sonic Erotica

Now, it has gone live over at the Sonic Erotica site! SO exciting and totally awesome.

Listen here: Audio recording of Date Night Rules!


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This post is dedicated to k.j.

As per the diagram above^ vulvas come in all kinds of variations…  None of them seem ‘right’  or ‘ wrong’ to me.  I think #27 is my personal favourite, the vulva I find most asthetically pleasing so to speak.  However if I was presented with any of these vulvas, by someone I wanted to get busy with, I’d be pretty fucking happy to bury my face into any of them.  I reckon a lot of guys probably share this sentiment too.  Although I can only speak from my own experience with men to make this fairly sweeping statement.

I think we always tend to want what we don’t have ourselves.

I also think we tend to think we’re freaky, ugly, weird and so on.  I mean, of the images above I don’t think I look like any of them, although #29 is probably the closest and my inital reaction was ‘jeez, I’m not really identifed in any of these examples…’

This is me:

So as you can see, not a lot to see unless I genuinely spread my legs.  I tend to suffer, although not too much, from vagina envy…  I want a fuller vulva but really do love what I have and what it does for me.  As you can see I don’t have particularly defined outer lips, but everything I do have is tucked inside me and all of my genitals are right underneath my pelvis, rather than kinda starting towards the front.  It seems loads of women have more vulva starting on the front of their bodies, I don’t for whatever reason and honestly that’s fine.

Also, now that I have full pubes, you can’t even really see anything defined much behind the brunette fuzz if I’m standing  front-on naked.

Image source: Mike Dowson

I particularly like the image above as it clearly shows 2 very, very similar bodies – breasts, hips, shoulder width and torso length ect are evenly matched.  However these ladies have very different vulvas.  It shows that no 2 women are the same, despite, at first glance how similar they look.

Basically, what I’m driving at here is that we should try to accept, value and try our best to succeed at loving what we have.  Don’t judge yourself as ugly, because it’s an unhelpful, negative and pretty closed way of looking at yourself and kind of by default, others as well.  It’s tricky sometimes and we cannot do this every single day, but try to celebrate yourself and your body.  Be kind to yourself both in thoughts and words.

Self love, in all it’s expressions is a beautiful and wonderful thing and I encourage everyone, everywhere to take some time to enjoy yourself and be nice to yourself.


Lately I’ve been talking to a lot of people about the way breathing affects orgasm.

Very recently, one lady I was chatting to, told me the greatest feeling in the world is an orgasm in a corset. Like a proper corset, boned and done up tight as hell. Another person was explaining how controlling your breathing during sex and masturbating can have a radical affect on intensifying your orgasms.

Also watched 2 clips on by artist jewelskristi this week, where she is obviously creating amazing physical sensations using her breathing.

This morning whilst masturbating before I had to go to work, I decided to try breathing control out for myself.

At the points of intense pleasure, where I found myself breathing shallowly, I made a concentrated effort to breathe deeply in and out. It didn’t so much make the sensation better, but it did make pleasure deeper somehow. I was using a teensy bullet vibe and often I find I get to orgasm too quickly, this full breathing meant I could control myself more and stretch the wank right out. I held myself in a peak of intense pleasure for quite a while longer than I usually can, unless I’m high that is.

At the point where I started to climax, I inhaled as much as my lung capacity would hold and held in the breath til the point of orgasm.

Holy fucking Barbara Striessand.

My climax reached higher and higher, was drawn out longer and longer.

I came like a motherfucker. So hard, so long and so freaking intense. I came like I come when I squirt. It’s an all over orgasm that punches through my body. I could hear my voice bouncing off the walls in my room it was so loud.

Will most definitely be experimenting with this technique much more. Stay tuned for further developments.

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