…but you want your own creative control AND to be well paid for your efforts?

Project ISM is a space that empowers women of all ages, nationalities, sizes and shapes.

ISM isn’t about being a supermodel or sending in a professional portfolio.  It is all about happy and healthy women having fun, being creative and most importantly choosing how they want to represent their naked form.

Insofar 4044 artists have submitted to the project, 5254 folios are live, which equals a total of 236721 images and counting.  So many different women from so many different places in the world and walks of life have gotten their kit off to contribute to ISM.

They’re also the only company I know of that you earn monthly per-click bonuses from a royalty-type program called Feckshare.

ISM is about subverting the mainstream.

That means we’re not really interested in folios that look like Hustler, or mainstream porn – pouting, stilettos, fake tan, loads of makeup, pinup poses. We want you to express yourself through the photos. We love to see your living space, the place where you live – show us what your part of the world looks like.

We love creative folios, so we offer a $500 art prize every month. But everybody’s motive is different and fine art might not be your thing. You can just have fun, be experimental, or you can make porn – as long as it’s original self expression, it’s good. We LOVE outdoor folios. Especially if it shows what your part of the world looks like – the architecture, landscape, and how you live.

Here is a link to the awesome tutorial that the guys from the project put together to get yourself started, or if you want to read more about the project theres loads more about the ISM principle over there: ISM project