I don’t exactly wake up in the morning, jump out of bed and fist pump because I have a totally sweet vadge.  Although I have finally arrived at a place where I truly love, accept and celebrate my vagina.  I don’t mind my weeny little labia or clit.  I don’t obsess that I look different anymore.  Once you realise there is no ‘different’ you can be free to fully enjoy all that you have without an inner dialogue of anxiety or shame.  I think what I have is just lovely.  Sex, self pleasure, child birth, orgasms and peeing are all pretty awesome things.  I’m thrilled my ladyparts can accomodate all these wonderful activities.

I sincerely hope more and more women realise they are blessed and brilliant just as they are.

The above piece of writing is what will accompany the image that I shot for a very special project this evening:101 Vagina

The blog or story sharing space of the site, is very, very special… I have been reading the submissions over the past couple of days and I am struck by the honesty of the stories and the feeling of a shared experience. These are all women I don’t know, but we have all battled body shame about the most amazing and beautiful parts of our bodies.

I encourage anyone interested in contributing an image or their story (or both!) to contact Philip, the creator of this project and to get involved. We had a brilliant discussion this evening about vagina-shame, body-shame, media, porn and all kinds of other wonderful and interesting things.

He is especially trying to capture some more images of older women or women of different ethnicities, to give the project balance and to try to give a broad picture of the vagina spectrum.

Hooray for vaginas!