(714): All he wants to do is masturbate while I sit there with my big toe up his ass that is not even the worst part of it.

(518): my mom just asked if she should wash your furry handcuffs with the lights or darks

(716): he got a rim job in the basement.
(716): apparently i was the one who gave it to him.

(414): Dude she was 62…with a boob job. And I’m proud to say I made out with that.

(520): I head back to the dorms in less than a week I’m not ready to see my roomate naked that much again.

(773): We broke two of his toes while having sex. He laughed said he’d fix it in the morning and kept going. I think I’m in love.

(714): if that’s jizz on my steering wheel i’m gonna be pissed…and impressed.

(910): He skyped me to learn how to roll a joint and for us to masturbate together. And you said a long distance relationship wouldn’t work.

(815): Of course I’m hard in the pics. If there’s a chance that these pictures will cause a scandal later in my life I at least want my dick to look it’s biggest.

(920): When life gives you lemons, puke and rally