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Or rather, watching someone fuck life-like silicon.

Whilst on our travels, I visited sex shops in pretty much every city and in Vienna, Austria we found Crystal Fleshlights for 69 euros.  What is that you ask?  This:

I have been wanting to buy my man one of these babies for a loooong time now.  They are some bullshit crazy amount, like $320 to buy here.  So it hasn’t really been an option, until finding them on the cheap overseas.  Btw, Vienna has the *best* sex shops out of anywhere else I have been in the world.  I was in Germany AND Netherlands too!

Watching him use this is hella sexy and using it on him is beyond delicious.  It is my favouritest thing to do at the moment.  It’s also lots of fun to use when we masturbate together.  It turns me on so much, which is of course, very helpful in getting myself off.

You can really, really see inside the case and actual fleshlight and it’s just so fucking hot.  You can twist the end cap to change the firmness/tightness too.

I love that there is ‘something’ other than hands/mouth/actual sex that I can share with my partner.

Fleshlight = an awesome gift, for both of us!


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