Everything started off rather shakey to be honest. I finished work at 4pm-ish. I raced home as quickly as I could, the front gates to sex camp lock at 7pm and I had an hour drive, possibly more in peak hour, ahead of me. Once home I put everything I had packed the previous evening into the backseat of my car, plus grabbed a few additional items I realised I had forgotten during the day. I flung my clothes off, jumped in the shower, gave myself the quickest scrub in the world, dried myself off and leapt into new clothes.

I had to stop at the chemist and supermarket on my way and in the end I got myself to Yarra Junction no problems, but then managed to get lost on the last road. I frantically called Ash and he directed me to the very last turn off that I had missed.

(Right now I am sitting in a general area in the dorms and there is 1 guy here with me and his music SO loud I can hear outside his headphones. To add to the enjoyment of hearing someone elses muffled tunes, every now and then he sings along in this really low, deep whisper. It isn’t off putting at all, I swear)

So I get through the gates at like 4 minutes to 7pm, pretty stressed and honestly it was a total shambles. Organisationally things were pretty rubbish. The current volunteers were pretty concerned as they thought they currently had more people than dorm rooms. It’s 7pm, in Yarra Junction, it’s dark and it’s cold and muddy, plus I was immediately confronted with a ‘contract’ that you had to sign to enter sex camp. It came off very ‘you’re on your own now and have no legal recourse bitches’.

That piece of paper put me on gaurd from the get-go. I was 50/50 on whether I wanted to engage in any activity, scheduled or otherwise, that involved being touched. I’m kind of iffy about strangers putting their hands on me, in any context, at the best of times really. Although I did want to remain open to the possibility, but that contract told me NO, don’t do that, it isn’t safe.

It’s sort of a shame really, I do think the legality of Sex Camp could have been handled far, far better. I did not see nor know of the aforementioned contract until I arrived. I do not see how it’s fair to have your punters pay $200, $250 and right up to $350 and then present them with a contract, upon arrival, that you HAVE to sign or you cannot enter.

I was directed with my vehicle into the bottom carpark and told to go eat some dinner, then handle my room afterwards. If I had one, that is. Aforementioned carpark was practically a mudpit. I have taken issue at several doofs when organisers put punters into a position where they will need assistance to remove their cars back out, should it rain anymore. Honestly it may not even need to rain further for help to be needed… Thankfully after dinner and the open ceremony I had an opprotunity to GTFO of there and park elsewhere. Thank Babs.

(Seriously, this guy is now sort of moan-breathing now. I am tempted to ask if he is asthmatic and if he needs medicine)

Dinner was lush, the wait in the queue wasn’t long at all, kitchen crew were lovely and smiley. At this point I had not seen anyone I knew, at all. I knew folks were camped *somewhere* but I wasn’t sure where really. I had struck up a convo with an older couple at the front gate and was chatting to them in the dinner line, so it demonstrated that folks would hopefully be friendly enough. Soon after I spotted a lady I knew through doofing, so had a chat to her and sat down together to eat.

After a bit of a run around to go get the promo and give away material I had from my work, as we were sponsoring Sex Camp, I finally finished off my dinner and then one of the lovely ladies I know found me and I was amongst those I feel comfortable with. It was nice.

Dinner ran directly into the ‘opening ceremony’. It wasn’t terrifically ceremonial in my opinion, although I cannot claim to be an expert on such things. Most of what was being said was VERY spirituality based. I am down with crystals, meditation and a bit of healing and reiki etc. However I am not a super spiritual person and I was under the impression Sex Camp was not wholly spirituality focused. There were also some terrifically offensive gender based statements made regarding the womens and mens tents and so on. There was a big jumbled list of what to do and what not to do, mostly concerning toilets and facilities and so on.

(and someone just walked in and helped themself to my chocolate. Apparently sex camp is code for awesome manners)

There actually was a really lovely small ceremony bit, where we all lit candles one by one, via another persons flame and we set our intentions together. The glow of candles on 180 odd faces was incredibly beautiful and moving. We then had an opportunity to stretch our legs and chat to someone we didn’t get know. I was able to speak to the amazing Cyndi from Pleasure Salon, a quick but pretty excellent chat was had. I love Pleasure Salon and it was awesome to speak to the woman behind all it’s information and fabulousness.

Most of the rest of my evening was spent with a volunteer in pursuit of a room and bed. The space they thought was free wasn’t, but upon visiting another dorm I ended up with a bunkbed to myself. I reparked my car and then brought all my gear in by myself. By the time I had all my shit inside, my bed setup and things in some sembelence of order I was totally wrecked. So I crawled into my thermals and settled into my bed nest. 2 blankets, a sleeping bag and nice bedsheets for the win!!