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Righteo! It is no secret I like funny, wrong and random shit on the interwebs, I also quite like ‘regular events’ on blogs, so I bring you my monthly LOL round-up.  I kind of stink at remembering the days of the week, so I need to build up to weekly events, but I figure this is a fun way to get myself into a new habit. Over the course of the month I will collect the funny, sexy, silly and awesome things that catch my eye and then post all of it on the last day of said month.

If you love it, tell me, if you hate it, tell me too.  Mostly I hope you can sit back, relax and giggle along with me 🙂

‘These images were shot from 2009, through to some photos I took this morning on my hardwood floor, in the morning light. A history, of sorts, of self-documentation and exploration. I think my pictures show little in terms of physical change, however looking back I can’t believe how long ago 2009 feels. So this is me, Hyperballad, old and new, changed and unchanged but forever following my bliss.’

My ISM folio went live when I was away sick!  I just discovered it online today.  Yay!  What a nice surprise.  The folio is the same name as the title of this post and if you want to join up, click the ishotmyself banner on the left to get a 10% discount on your membership.  Above is one of my favourite pictures from the set.

Saw this somewhere on the interwebs and can’t for the life of me remember where. Anyways, it’s awesome and so goddamn true. Also, I totally love this woman. She is kind of bonkers, but in the most brilliant way. I do enjoy her counter-objectification and probably shouldn’t, it’s my (now, not so secret) guilty pleasure.

I am finally starting to feel better peeps. Slowly but surely.


Had to go back to the surgeon today.

Even stronger pain medication, more time off work and gross medicinal goo packed into my gums.

Really want to feel better. Let’s hope the weekend is super gum-healing-time.


Ps. I do have some exciting things going on, I’ll be back on my feet hopefully soon and will be able to share.

Hey folks,

Sorry for disappearing. I had to have all my wisdom teeth and a molar surgically removed and it has totally knocked me on my arse. I am currently chasing up my surgeon as the painkillers I was prescribed have made me really ill as well. Trying to get some new medicine sorted today so I can sleep through the night, at least once, before I have to be back at work tomorrow.

Hoping to be back in front of my pc, ranting and flashing my tits, really soon.


Ps. The kickstarter I was backing ‘License to Pimp’ made their funding goal! Yipppeeeeee 😀

Laci Green, sex posi blogger and amazing all round lady has been brutalised for saying a wrong term in a youtube film she made WHEN SHE 18. When it was brought to her attention she issued an apology and explained that she was young, immature and lame for using a derogatory term.

It is totally fucked and I sometimes wonder about humanity.  The internet can be an ugly place folks.

Jezebel have thankfully covered this and called it out for the utter *bullshit* it is.

The article with the ‘offending’ post and the psycho abuse and threats is here:

Laci Green has been totally fucked over by tumblr crazies

I love Laci Green, she openly and honestly demystifies and explains so much about sexuality, putting her face to her name and walking the fucking walk of sex positivity. That is mega ballsy and totally fucking awesome.

She deserves a medal, not to fear her personal safety!

/end rant

I just bought myself one of these for my DSLR 😀 Yay!

Today I popped my Kickstarter cherry.  It was a small contribution, but a meaningful one.

Check it out, I think a lot of people would want to hear this story and hopefully help out to fund this documentary. I think it’s really important for information to be shared about the sex industry and exactly how the lines get blurred when you’re out there, doing this sort of thing. I can relate and one day soon I aim to be able to write about and share my own story. This film gives me courage, it gives these women a voice and it shares information for everyone.

License to Pimp – Kickstarter

What would you do if the strip club you worked at became a brothel?

Would you adapt to it, fight it, or quit?  

License to Pimp is a feature documentary about the choices that three San Francisco strippers make as their workplaces engage in illegal labor practices.  Strip clubs refuse to pay strippers even minimum wages & actually charge them for the privilege to work.  I worked in half of San Francisco’s strip clubs during the 1990s and witnessed their transformation into brothels as a result of these fees.  Now as a filmmaker, I uncover current working conditions & try to find out how strip clubs are able to operate outside the law.


I’m also thinking about putting up a widget for the week of the project. If you support this project as well, please share it on your blog/twitter/facebook.

Thanks in advance for helping! xx

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