Today I popped my Kickstarter cherry.  It was a small contribution, but a meaningful one.

Check it out, I think a lot of people would want to hear this story and hopefully help out to fund this documentary. I think it’s really important for information to be shared about the sex industry and exactly how the lines get blurred when you’re out there, doing this sort of thing. I can relate and one day soon I aim to be able to write about and share my own story. This film gives me courage, it gives these women a voice and it shares information for everyone.

License to Pimp – Kickstarter

What would you do if the strip club you worked at became a brothel?

Would you adapt to it, fight it, or quit?  

License to Pimp is a feature documentary about the choices that three San Francisco strippers make as their workplaces engage in illegal labor practices.  Strip clubs refuse to pay strippers even minimum wages & actually charge them for the privilege to work.  I worked in half of San Francisco’s strip clubs during the 1990s and witnessed their transformation into brothels as a result of these fees.  Now as a filmmaker, I uncover current working conditions & try to find out how strip clubs are able to operate outside the law.


I’m also thinking about putting up a widget for the week of the project. If you support this project as well, please share it on your blog/twitter/facebook.

Thanks in advance for helping! xx