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In late January I shot some new content, at home, for the site. (click on the banner to the left and down a bit)

It is the first time in at least a year I have made a film and a year is a long time when you’re experiencing major sexual growth. Part of not shooting for such a long time led me to realise that I had wholly eroticised the camera… to the point where I often fantasize I’m in the studio when I’m masturbating.

So needless to say, I had some seriously intense orgasmic energy going on. The cherry on top of the delicious cake was that for my first take my gorgeous man helped me get off. I ended up shooting 4 takes in total… (2 is the norm).

When multiple turns ons come together in one session I apparently get a little excited, or something. Basically my entire afternoon was one large, pleasurable haze. Even for the takes following the first when he helped me to orgasm, he was still down the end of the room on his pc gaming and watching on, occasionally masturbating along with me.

I honestly feel I shot the best content I have ever made. It is the closest-to-reallife film that exists of me, that’s for sure. I think the ‘reality’ of the situation was what made it so hot too.

In combination to the big HD tv cameras, I had a little sony handheld HD camera and used it in different ways throughout this shooting session. This was absolutely, totally and extremely sexy. Cannot express this enough… words don’t suffice. Physically operating a camera that I was using to filming myself, whilst getting off was unbelievably hot.

I have been using this experience as masturbatory material ever since, it was just *so good*.

The films I made are just about to go live over at the ifeelmyself site and I am so, so, SO excited to see them. It’s like a grand finale for an already awesome and highly pleasurable experience. I can’t wait to watch each of them with my partner and to share them with a much wider audience than my humble blog could ever reach. Don’t get me wrong though, I plan to make some lovely things solely for this space as well.

So in short, cameras are damn sexy… I wonder if this becomes the case with anyone else whom films adult content…?

The February just gone, I wrote an entry on a rather tasty experience I had at always incredible Victorian shin-dig Rainbow Serpent Festival

Do you remember…?


Heres a refresher for you: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

This particular story is one of the handful I recorded a little whiles ago, in the studio over at the ever-awesome Sonic Erotica

Make with the clicky-click to go listen Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes (AKA Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)

I’ve been a little hesitant to ask for feedback. Why you ask? Because I’m a big wuss and this is the first voice work I’ve pretty much ever done…

But I’m feeling particularly thick skinned today, so please, tell me what you think of my recordings.

Lately I’ve been talking to a lot of people about the way breathing affects orgasm.

Very recently, one lady I was chatting to, told me the greatest feeling in the world is an orgasm in a corset. Like a proper corset, boned and done up tight as hell. Another person was explaining how controlling your breathing during sex and masturbating can have a radical affect on intensifying your orgasms.

Also watched 2 clips on by artist jewelskristi this week, where she is obviously creating amazing physical sensations using her breathing.

This morning whilst masturbating before I had to go to work, I decided to try breathing control out for myself.

At the points of intense pleasure, where I found myself breathing shallowly, I made a concentrated effort to breathe deeply in and out. It didn’t so much make the sensation better, but it did make pleasure deeper somehow. I was using a teensy bullet vibe and often I find I get to orgasm too quickly, this full breathing meant I could control myself more and stretch the wank right out. I held myself in a peak of intense pleasure for quite a while longer than I usually can, unless I’m high that is.

At the point where I started to climax, I inhaled as much as my lung capacity would hold and held in the breath til the point of orgasm.

Holy fucking Barbara Striessand.

My climax reached higher and higher, was drawn out longer and longer.

I came like a motherfucker. So hard, so long and so freaking intense. I came like I come when I squirt. It’s an all over orgasm that punches through my body. I could hear my voice bouncing off the walls in my room it was so loud.

Will most definitely be experimenting with this technique much more. Stay tuned for further developments.

When desiring to make glistening puddles on the floor:

Combine 1 rabbit with plenty of pjur, fuck yourself until frothy, remove toy at point of orgasm and let the moisture gush down your thighs, over your computer seat* and onto the ground.

*Please note it might take a whole day of your computer chair being infront of the heater til it dries back out.

There is something so illustrious about sex acts whilst driving. Is it the inherent danger? Is it just a new and exciting place to get off?

Who knows really…

Last weekend on our long drive home from my folks place in the country I found a porn-mag under the passenger seat in the car. My man was driving at the time and we had been traveling back towards home for over 2 hours, I was a little bored and very antsy. I started flipping through the magazine, looking at boobies and reading the dirty stories section. I then remembered I had my egg vibe bundled up in my vitamin bag with my stuff in the back seat


I dug around to find it, turned it on and stuffed it down my pants. I slid the seat back so I could open my legs wider and took off my sneakers. (it feels so weird wanking in shoes for some reason). He was trying to watch me and watch the road, I know he slowed down some and let people over take us.

I become totally lost in my little bubble of pleasure for quite a while, around 40kms or so. I slowly shed the articles of clothing in the way of my pleasure, ending up naked from the waist down. I drew the orgasm right out, just enjoying the waves of sensation rolling up my body. From time to time he would reach over and touch my breasts through my clothes or brush his hand up my thighs – he couldn’t safely reach my pussy while driving.

I was mostly working my clit throughout, although after sometime of enjoying this I was overcome with a feeling of wanting something inside me. There is nothing hotter than masturbating your clit and then reaching down to your vagina to feel that it is so wet there is moisture dribbling down your arse crack. I pushed in my index finger and the feeling of the vibe on my clit and a finger inside me brought me immediately close to orgasm. I quickly withdrew and then pushed back inside myself with 2 fingers.

I was quite probably vocalising quite a bit at this point. There were trucks rushing by us on the opposite side of the road and the thought they could see into our vehicle and see me, naked legs splayed, finger fucking myself with glorious abandon was an incredible turn on.

Soon after this thought I had a longish, sweet feeling and intense orgasm. As I came my fingers were pushed out of my contracting vagina, I had a lovely long gasping afterglow. As I ‘came-to’ and caught my breath I discovered myself in a crumpled heap in the passenger seat sans trousers.

He told me we needed to pull over ASAP and I reached down to touch the rather obvious bulge in his pants. We quickly found a little dirt road to turn down, pulled over in a clearing beside the road and ran into the pine trees to pee. A car drove past whilst we were simultaneously pissing and I got the giggles something fierce.

We were laughing and running back to the car and bumping into each other and grabbing each other rather lewdly. I opened the backseat shoved all our stuff to one side, crawled in on my hands and knees and dropped my knickers and pants, he was inside me straight away and fucking me firmly and rhythmically. It was such hot and fun and beautiful sex, looking up in front of us the sun was setting through the gum trees opposite and casting a gorgeous golden light on our roadside shag.

He came pretty quickly but with a lot of force, whilst he was still standing too and we cleaned up quick, had a bit of a smooch and switched drivers.

I drove the rest of the way home while he glowed away beside me. We chatted all the way home about how dementedly hot what we had just done was, it turned out to be a first time thing for both us.

Yet another awesome experience chalked up with my rather excellent man.

I finally fucking did it.

In the almost-daylight early hours of Sunday morning, having not slept and winding down from party-time me and the boy crawled into bed for some lovin’.  This had been drawn out over an afternoon and evening of trashiness at a friend’s birthday party.  At one stage he and I snuck out to the car and had a mutual feel up and love-in session.  So many wonderful chats, a few confessions and a whole lot of mutual love going on…  Telling each other why we love each other, the things we each do that turn us on so much, how we are so dementedly happy it’s obscene – you get the idea.

We had both been wanting each other so badly, for so long, by the time I was laid back on the pillows, having shed my clothing, his hands were on my pussy and I was dripping wet.  He kissed me on my mouth, on my breasts, my tummy and my thighs and had a bright light in his eyes every time he looked up at me.  I don’t know if I have ever felt this amount of love for another human being in all of my life.  Our arousal, our love and our bodies connected took me to a place I can only describe as higher sex.

He ate my pussy for such a long time, I moaned and thrashed and just totally lost myself in pleasure and sensation.  I asked for him to put his hands inside me, he complied and as my pleasure grew and grew I needed more and more fingers.  Partway through he had 4 fingers inside me, whilst mentally this was hot, it was a tight fit and he wasn’t able to rub me inside the way I wanted and he went back to 2, at this point I was about ready to explode…  I was rubbing my clit furiously, which had become fucking huge and the rough rubs over my engorged clitorus and his fingers fucking me felt so incredibly good.  I wanted to feel a big, full, dirty orgasm and decided to add my new butt toy to the mix.

It is by far the largest thing that has ever gone in my ass and after lubing it up, he slid it into me so easily I began to consider asking him to fuck my ass.  I was pondering this idea, running this little fantasy over in my mind with a blue bumpy silicone toy in my ass, his fingers in my pussy and my hand roughly rubbing over my clit.

I came all over.  It is the only way I can describe the orgasm.  It was intense, but not too much so, no involuntary jerking, flailing or twitching just big, beautiful rolls of orgasm sweeping down and through me.  I think I came for quite a bit longer than I usually do.  As I came I pushed the butt toy out of me, but as is our mutually enjoyable preference he kept his fingers in me as I came and in my afterglow he slowly slid them out to taste me.

He was kneeling on all fours over me and kissing me when I realised I felt a pent up fluid feeling in my vagina.  I knew that if I could make myself come again I would be able to expel that fluid.  So I began rubbing down my clit, rhythmically rubbing over and over, the feeling of pent up fluid grew and grew, there were a few times when this feeling was ‘i need to pee-like’  but on the whole it was intensely pleasurable.  He was still hovering over me, I was lightly grasping his forearm.

I believe this wank was somewhat short and when I did come I ejaculated.  I squirted a whole fuck load of fluid out of me.

He exclaimed and dropped back to watch, I kept rubbing my clit and would let the fluid build up and with a squeeze I’d squirt again and holy fucking shit every time I expelled ejaculate it felt like a big squelchy orgasm.  I kept going, rubbing my clit and touching the fluid coming out of me, rubbing it over my clit and squirting more.  He was lowering his face to my pussy and I was squirting on his face, he opened his mouth and ate my cum.

Every time I thought I had nothing left to squirt, I would be able to keep on going.

He wanted to fuck, so we pulled off his clothes and he lay back.  I straddled him and slid his cock inside me and I fucked him with total abandon, only stopping when I once again orgasmed and ejaculated all over his cock, my fluid pooling on his belly.  I squirted multiple times on him, before switching to being on all fours with him fucking me from behind.  I asked him to come in me, he fucked me harder and faster til he came, I promptly orgasmed again and squirted his and my cum all over him and my bed.

I sat up on my knees and rubbing my clit pushed big, wet drops out of me and down onto my bed.  It sounded like rain on my taunt bedsheets.

After this I lay down exhausted, finally spent of all my liquid.

I could of cried I felt so fucking happy.

Me and my boy lay in my big puddle and held each other.

On Sunday night I achieved an orgasm lying on my tummy.  10 points awarded to me for excellentness!

This is the first time I have ever been able to come in this position!  I often masturbate on my stomach because it feels good, but I can wank for as long as I like because I generally can’t come like that.

Albeit, this particular orgasm was somewhat assisted…

After a lazy day of reading, eating and several rounds of sexual adventure with my man, I settled in to watch porn on my laptop and drink vodka.  I was lying on my tummy on his bed, laptop in front of me and egg vibe in my trousers.  For some period of time I enjoyed working myself into a lather, watching vids, exploring a bit and going back to touching myself.

There was an offer of assitance that I gladly accepted.  He had been playing with my ass throughout the day, teasing me, but there was no penetration as his index fingernail was quite sharp.  Nails had now been trimmed and the sensation and desire to be penetrated had been building all day.  Whilst I was furiously grinding down on my egg vibe, a slippery warm finger was inserted into me.  Slowly and gently and I swear to Babs nothing going into my butt has ever felt that good before.  It was the most pleasurable and phenomonal feeling.

I’m pretty sure I was a gibbering mess by then, I do know that by that point I was fully naked and being quite demanding.  I wanted more fingers in more places.

I reached my absolute pinnacle with 3 fingers in my pussy, 1 in my ass and a egg vibe, turned up all the way, on my clit.

One long, large, glorious orgasm was had.  My hips were bucking down into the bed involuntarily and so I ended up a little closer to the bedhead than when I started but no injuries thankfully.

Tummy orgasm ftw.

I arranged to meet my man at his place around 7pm, so I dashed home after work and ditched my clothes, packed up a bag of stuff and donned a pretty frock.

We went out to a see Avatar in the ‘directors suite’ at the cinema.  This meant not only big comfy reclining couches, but also having drinks served to us throughout the film.  I was absolutely captivated by the movie, although it made me cry an awful lot.  We held hands between our couches pretty much the whole time…  It was so lovely to just get some one on one time, to do something enjoyable together and be spoiled a little.

There was lots of cuddles, hand holding and just physical closeness throughout the night.  It was all so perfect.  The movie finished close to midnight so we came home and crawled into bed, shed our clothes and made out naked under the covers.  There was lots of heavy breathing, eye contact and ‘I love you’s going on…

Typing that out it sounds so much less than what it was.  But yeah, we were both feeling it and each other a whoooooole lot.

We started grinding and touching, which culminated in this lovely, long and drawn out mutual masturbation session.  Part way through we decided we didn’t want to have sex per se, we just wanted to keep doing what we were doing.  He told me he wanted to orgasm with me.

Every guy I’ve ever been with has really balked at the task of manually making me orgasm (either digitally or orally).  I acknowledge it’s kinda hard, I have a small clitoris and it moves around a lot, I also will have to give you some verbal direction if you want to make me come.  But, seriously, I can count on 1 hand the amount of times anyone has gone to the effort.  I’ve fucked and fooled around with a lot of people too…

But my guy totally stuck with it, with vigor too.  He was on the edge of an orgasm for at least half the time we were masturbating each other.  He made me hold back from making him orgasm because he was adamant he wanted to come with me.  He actually ended up requiring very minimal direction and when I did need to tell him to move a little left etc, he was precise and accurate and just fucking awesome.

I knew he was going to stick with me until I dropped over the edge into orgasm, so I could relax, let go and really really enjoy the sensation of his fingers rubbing over my clit and his mouth on my nipple.  To say I lost myself would be a total understatement…

When I did orgasm it was oh so very very intense, a full body rolling wave of pleasure and contractions that seemed to go for a wonderfully long time.  I made him come with me and spilled him all over my tummy.

We lay holding one another in our after glow for sometime afterwards.

I could have cried, I felt so happy and loved and in love.

This is the first time we’ve done this together and discussing it over the weekend, between ourselves it most certainly won’t be the last.  I feel so close to him for this experience and we both enjoyed it so much.  I am truly blessed with a wonderful, giving and sharing partner.  I feel like we have barely scraped the surface of what we are going to experience together and talking over the weekend of everything we want to do together, sexually or not, has filled me with so much happiness.

Going to a new house by myself was the best hard decision I’ve had to make.

I am so very excited.  Bring on the sexy times.

The sun is just coming up, exhausted and sore from dancing my arse off for many hours we head to the tent for some rest.

At the tent he kinda bombs out, is barely fully undressed and we’re kinda fooling around.  Half exhausted, somewhat clumsy touches and strokes all over each others bodies.  I crawl on top.  For about 5 minutes we have erratic bursts of thrusting.  Everything feels extremely pleasurable but we’re pretty much humping and bumping with eyes almost closed.

We slide apart and within about 2 minutes there is snoring coming from my right.

I’m on the edge of sleep but I can’t sink under because all the blood in my body is pulsing inside my vagina.

I fumble into my toiletry bag, pull out my bullet vibe and search frantically for something to penetrate myself with.  I want it to be something big and smooth…  My deodorant bottle.   Bingo!

My perception of time passed is significantly altered when I’m engaging in sexual activity, but I felt like this session went for quite some time.  The sun was fully up and I was acutely aware of all the tents and people all around me, most of whom were my friends (we all camped together at the festival) and I thought that they somehow wouldn’t appreciate the sound of me getting myself off in the middle of their morning.

Trying to be quiet when inebriated, half asleep, totally physically exhausted but aroused as fuck and in the throes of an incredibly intense sensatory sexual experience is difficult.

I think I succeeded.  I certainly hope I did… well no one said anything to me about moaning, groaning, gasping and/or buzzing or wet noises coming from our tent.  Hmmm…

For Babs knows how long I slid the bullet vibe up and down my clit and fucked myself with my deodorant bottle.  To say this felt fucking awesome would be such a gross understatement – I cannot find words adequate to describe the sensation I was experiencing.  I was delirious with pleasure and it just rolled out of me, wave after wave, the entire wank felt as good as a climax except I could fully control it and didn’t orgasm for so very long.

When I finally did come I saw pinpoints of light and my legs spasmed, I could feel my vaginal walls contracting so hard and it felt as though this beautiful, sexual, sensual and highly pleasurable violet coloured energy was rushing out of me – like a tidal wave of orgasm.

I promptly fell asleep.  When Iwoke 4 hours laterI was tangled in a bullet vibe cord and there was deodorant bottle digging into my back.

It’s ritual or habit or something…  Not sure when it started, but I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember.  Every Saturday morning I masturbate, without fail and it’s a very luxuriant wank – I take my time, really really enjoy myself and it’s usually after a significant amount of sleep so the orgasm is lovely and long and intense.

Funny how you don’t realise these little habitual things you do until you start writing in a blog about wanking and sex.  Laf.

Over the past week I have been quite tired and a bit stressed, so my libido tends to drift off at these times and the one night where I did feel aroused and started touching myself I just sank into sleep instead of actually getting anywhere.

This morning however, I woke early needing to pee and then I could hear my housemate was getting ready for work in the room above me, I thought to myself, damn I’m wide awake and it’s like 8:30am.  Doh.  But awesomely, I managed to fall back asleep until about 10am.

When I woke I was aroused and not in the mega-horny-need-to-wank way, but this deeper and  really languishing kind of arousal.  It was already warm so I kicked back the covers and started by touching my breasts lightly, then running my hands softly all over my body.

I then slid my hand in between my legs and tickled the very edges of my outer labia.  This is one of my favourite ways to get myself really really aroused before beginning to actually stimulate myself…  It feels indulgent and kind of naughty to take so much time and delight in getting an intense physical response happening.

Not sure how long I played and teased for, my other hand lightly pinching and then brushing over my nipples, but by the time I pressed my finger down on my clit I could feel how incredibly wet I was…  so I’m guessing I was at it for a whiles.

During this session I noticed my clitoris was all puffy but not really engorged and super hard like it usually is, but the pleasure I was experiencing wasn’t diminished by this and I’m thinking it may have been because it was first thing in the morning.

I wanked for aaaaaages.  I know I did because my other housemate and I had plans for the day and she came and knocked on my door part way through to see if I was awake and tell me it was 10:30am already.

Now this is the part that gets freaky, or freaky-naughty, if you will.

In my mind instead of her just knocking, she opens the door and walks in and soundlessly drops onto me, her mouth goes to my nipple and her fingers slide inside me.  Holy shit this is monumental hotness and my body responds in turn.

My legs are pumping up and down spasmodically and my pubic bone is raising up, my internal muscles are clenching and the actual sensation of my fingers rubbing over my clitoris heightens.

I continue this little fantasy inside my head focusing on the pleasure I am feeling, I realise possibly another significant chunk of time has passed and that I actually need to get on with it.

Because my clit isn’t as big and hard as it usually is, it’s kind of sliding around under my fingers so I use my other hand to firmly spread my outer lips.  The act of doing something so typically  ‘porny’ to myself turns me on even more.

Wave after wave of pleasure is cascading down my body…  I imagine I can hear my housemate panting in my ear and how her fingers would feel inside me.  This tips me over the edge and into one long, rolling, intense and whole body orgasm.  I keep rubbing my clit as I come and the orgasm intensifies and then peters out slowly.

Mmmmmm.  I then drag my floppy and rather smiley self out of bed, don a sarong and head into the my sun-shiney day.

This particular kind of self love session is the greatest start to the weekend it sets my mood relaxes me and helps me to shed the stress and tension from the hectic week that’s just past.

Masturbation ftw!


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