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Jane’s Guide is *the* shit when it comes to Adult review sites, they review toys, books, websites and blogs. I’ve always had them on my blogroll, our sites at work are listed on the Jane’s Guide and we hold them in high esteem and I also used the site as a guide myself.

I submitted a review request there months ago and totally forgot about it!

See my review here

Famous on the internets! w00t!

I also now have a nifty little banner over to the left too! I have a ‘Quality and Original Content’ rating.  Awwww yeah!

Huzzah! I am so happy!


I have a fascination with shiny things.  I love orgasms.  I require heavy toys to get off.  I am learning how to ejaculate.  I like hearing my own wetness.

And the Njoy Purewand satisfies all the above.

It is 680grams of cold, hard steel to love.  And I mean ‘love’ in a very literal sense.  From curve to curve the wand is 8inches long with a smaller orb at one end and a larger orb at the other.  The small end is 25mm and the larger 38mm.

The fact that the wand is made of steel means that when you take it out of it’s beautiful, treasure chest like box (pink satin lined no less!) it is quite cool to the touch.  So if you feel like exploring that particular sense no pre-refrigeration is required.

However if you want the wand at body temperature or warmer, running the wand under hot water will work a treat.  Although my personal way of warming this toy is to put it under my butt or in between my thighs in bed, whilst I read something exciting til the wand is the same temperature as me.

Both the small end and large end are useful vaginally, but the small end is also particularly nice anally, I imagine the large end may suit some anally also, but I am unable to use it thus at this point in time.  The large end can also be used to rub over your clitorus before penetration.

This toy is entirely smooth so you will require very little, if any, lubricant.

Whether you’re using the large or small end, the curved nature of the wand means that once it’s inside you the orb rubs over your g-spot and the solid and heavy design means the pressure is firm and consistent.  This is a good thing, a very very good thing.

Whether you’re able to orgasm from g-spot/penetration alone or require a combination of clitoral stimulation too, this toy is brilliant.  As someone that is seldom able to orgasm from penetration alone the Purewand has helped me immensely to teach my body how to extend its capacity for orgasm.  Whilst using the wand I can easily stimulate my clitoris manually and use the Njoy at the same time.

Thus my body is learning the feeling of a g-spot orgasm and there have now been a handful of times I have felt as though I was actually going to ejaculate.  Sadly I have as yet been unable to achieve gush status, but there have been many explosive orgasms to make up for that.

It’s a great toy to use by yourself, it’s a great toy to use with a partner and has a versatility I’ve as yet to find in other devices.  In my opinion it puts to shame any other acrylic, silicone or ‘steel’ toy I’ve used before.

The Njoy purewand is remarkably easy to clean.  Also the product material means it’s a toy for life, rather than when the motor burns out or you accidentally use silicone lube on it!

In short: I thoroughly enjoy my Njoy.

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