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My greatest fear is to ever feel that life has passed me by, but sometimes I do forget the big picture and getting wrapped up in banal minutiae. We’re not on this earth to work 9-5 every day, pay our bills, be polite and do ‘what’s expected’.

It’s time to shake it up, shed my security blanket and go after that which I desire most.

Saw this somewhere on the interwebs and can’t for the life of me remember where. Anyways, it’s awesome and so goddamn true. Also, I totally love this woman. She is kind of bonkers, but in the most brilliant way. I do enjoy her counter-objectification and probably shouldn’t, it’s my (now, not so secret) guilty pleasure.

I am finally starting to feel better peeps. Slowly but surely.


Had to go back to the surgeon today.

Even stronger pain medication, more time off work and gross medicinal goo packed into my gums.

Really want to feel better. Let’s hope the weekend is super gum-healing-time.


Ps. I do have some exciting things going on, I’ll be back on my feet hopefully soon and will be able to share.

Hey folks,

Sorry for disappearing. I had to have all my wisdom teeth and a molar surgically removed and it has totally knocked me on my arse. I am currently chasing up my surgeon as the painkillers I was prescribed have made me really ill as well. Trying to get some new medicine sorted today so I can sleep through the night, at least once, before I have to be back at work tomorrow.

Hoping to be back in front of my pc, ranting and flashing my tits, really soon.


Ps. The kickstarter I was backing ‘License to Pimp’ made their funding goal! Yipppeeeeee 😀

I just bought myself one of these for my DSLR 😀 Yay!

I have more wisdom tooth shaped woes and I’m sick, so I am struggling to make coherent sentences. So instead of words, I offer you romantic lols. Enjoy!





Last up, my favourite 😀

Had a partially broken off wisdom tooth pulled out of my head at an emergency dentist today.

Need the other 3 wisdom teeth out ASAP and an additional molar.

Bottom 2 are impacted, so it’s going to be surgical.  Joy of motherfucking joys.

Although when I got out of bed tonight, I read this and it’s pretty damn good:

How I will tell my daughters I work in porn

Oh joy, let’s add it to the fucking list.


I. Just. Don’t. Even.

*hits eject from society button*

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