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Laci Green, sex posi blogger and amazing all round lady has been brutalised for saying a wrong term in a youtube film she made WHEN SHE 18. When it was brought to her attention she issued an apology and explained that she was young, immature and lame for using a derogatory term.

It is totally fucked and I sometimes wonder about humanity.  The internet can be an ugly place folks.

Jezebel have thankfully covered this and called it out for the utter *bullshit* it is.

The article with the ‘offending’ post and the psycho abuse and threats is here:

Laci Green has been totally fucked over by tumblr crazies

I love Laci Green, she openly and honestly demystifies and explains so much about sexuality, putting her face to her name and walking the fucking walk of sex positivity. That is mega ballsy and totally fucking awesome.

She deserves a medal, not to fear her personal safety!

/end rant

It’s ritual or habit or something…  Not sure when it started, but I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember.  Every Saturday morning I masturbate, without fail and it’s a very luxuriant wank – I take my time, really really enjoy myself and it’s usually after a significant amount of sleep so the orgasm is lovely and long and intense.

Funny how you don’t realise these little habitual things you do until you start writing in a blog about wanking and sex.  Laf.

Over the past week I have been quite tired and a bit stressed, so my libido tends to drift off at these times and the one night where I did feel aroused and started touching myself I just sank into sleep instead of actually getting anywhere.

This morning however, I woke early needing to pee and then I could hear my housemate was getting ready for work in the room above me, I thought to myself, damn I’m wide awake and it’s like 8:30am.  Doh.  But awesomely, I managed to fall back asleep until about 10am.

When I woke I was aroused and not in the mega-horny-need-to-wank way, but this deeper and  really languishing kind of arousal.  It was already warm so I kicked back the covers and started by touching my breasts lightly, then running my hands softly all over my body.

I then slid my hand in between my legs and tickled the very edges of my outer labia.  This is one of my favourite ways to get myself really really aroused before beginning to actually stimulate myself…  It feels indulgent and kind of naughty to take so much time and delight in getting an intense physical response happening.

Not sure how long I played and teased for, my other hand lightly pinching and then brushing over my nipples, but by the time I pressed my finger down on my clit I could feel how incredibly wet I was…  so I’m guessing I was at it for a whiles.

During this session I noticed my clitoris was all puffy but not really engorged and super hard like it usually is, but the pleasure I was experiencing wasn’t diminished by this and I’m thinking it may have been because it was first thing in the morning.

I wanked for aaaaaages.  I know I did because my other housemate and I had plans for the day and she came and knocked on my door part way through to see if I was awake and tell me it was 10:30am already.

Now this is the part that gets freaky, or freaky-naughty, if you will.

In my mind instead of her just knocking, she opens the door and walks in and soundlessly drops onto me, her mouth goes to my nipple and her fingers slide inside me.  Holy shit this is monumental hotness and my body responds in turn.

My legs are pumping up and down spasmodically and my pubic bone is raising up, my internal muscles are clenching and the actual sensation of my fingers rubbing over my clitoris heightens.

I continue this little fantasy inside my head focusing on the pleasure I am feeling, I realise possibly another significant chunk of time has passed and that I actually need to get on with it.

Because my clit isn’t as big and hard as it usually is, it’s kind of sliding around under my fingers so I use my other hand to firmly spread my outer lips.  The act of doing something so typically  ‘porny’ to myself turns me on even more.

Wave after wave of pleasure is cascading down my body…  I imagine I can hear my housemate panting in my ear and how her fingers would feel inside me.  This tips me over the edge and into one long, rolling, intense and whole body orgasm.  I keep rubbing my clit as I come and the orgasm intensifies and then peters out slowly.

Mmmmmm.  I then drag my floppy and rather smiley self out of bed, don a sarong and head into the my sun-shiney day.

This particular kind of self love session is the greatest start to the weekend it sets my mood relaxes me and helps me to shed the stress and tension from the hectic week that’s just past.

Masturbation ftw!


So, as you may have noticed I am keeping full, clear/direct face shots off my blog.  Well at least for the time being anyways.

There is some important life stuff going on at the moment.

It makes me a bit bummed that I cannot be 100% open and honest, but thems the breaks I suppose.

I have been musing over this for 2 weeks and have pondered quite a bit over it.  At first I was really disturbed that I couldn’t fully display my truth and it made me feel disafected about what I wanted to achieve in this space…

But now I am more accepting that my life circumstances will sometimes affect the way I want to be heard.  If it’s for the greater good I just need to suck it up and work within the parameters I can safely traverse, on the internets, and in general too, at that point in time…

Sometimes I really am the idealist everyone accuses me of being.

Was some sick one day last week.  Running a temperature and feeling shit etc.  House to myself…  I put on my favourite lesbian porn, grabbed my sack of toys and planted myself on the couch.  Watching porno on a massive tv in surround sound, house to myself and legs akimbo…

I double penetrated myself.  With ease.  My arse is a virgin, so I generally can only receive the slimmest vibe I own comfortably.  But I went to next size one I have easily.  Bullet/egg vibe on my clit, large thick fake-cock style vibe in me and hard plastic vibe up my arse.  I put a towel under me incase there was any mess…  (I am trying to learn how to ejaculate)

Holy fucking jesus batman, I came so hard and for quite some time.  I lay about on the couch for a whiles…  Then cleaned up and packed away my goodies.  Was surfing on the internets and went to to look at the previews for the water bondage site, I want to buy some sets from there – proceeded to get horny as all fuck.  (my desk is on the edge of the lounge-room) went back to my room to grab my egg vibe and watching preview after preview just kept on coming.

I had just finished orgasm number 6 and turned off my vibe and my housemate walked into the lounge!  I didn’t even hear him come home :/  Although he’s my ex, so he knows me well and just pissed himself laughing.  I blushed, then laughed and then put my trousers back on.

So let this be recorded on the tubes for posterity, for the first time in my life I have achieved 6 orgasms in 1 day.

Each orgasm in succession became more and more intense as well, which when I do achieve orgasm more than once it’s usually the opposite.  I never usually make myself come more than twice when I’m masturbating because the sensation decreases with the 2nd orgasm.

This is new, previously unexperienced territory – unless I’m stoned, then wanking/sex becomes a crazy orgasmic adventure.

3 cheers for me!

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