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Started off hard, but it got better and became easier. There is nothing to be afraid of, I am a capable person and I get my job done and I do it well. Inhale, exhale, rinse and repeat.

This evening has been very nice. Managed to wrangle left overs into a very delicious dinner and there was some quality pre-dinner kitchen nookie. Thankfully my current anxiety issues haven’t killed my libido or genital response. Touching someone you love, being touched and of course orgasms, really help when inside your head things are tricky.

My life is good, I am good and keeping things simple is definitely good.

There are also some exciting things in the works, more will be posted soon.

I feel my life is beautiful and awesome to be inside.

I feel good, I feel happy, I feel loved, valued and understood. It is such a bloody amazing moment, well evening, to be experiencing.

The only thing that would make this better is knowing that everyone at some point could get this level of heightened perceptions of love and good intentions.

So I am sending this out there to the world:

You are fucking incredible! Special and unique. No one else is like you and that makes your presence in this world such a gift. The only thing that holds us back from knowing how awesome we are, is ourselves! I know in my heart of hearts how totally rad you are, I so hope you do too. The world is full of possibility and positive people, so many new experiences to have and great connections to make.

You’re a bright spark, give yourself permission to shine!

(Taken at Maitreya Festival 2006)

…but you want your own creative control AND to be well paid for your efforts?

Project ISM is a space that empowers women of all ages, nationalities, sizes and shapes.

ISM isn’t about being a supermodel or sending in a professional portfolio.  It is all about happy and healthy women having fun, being creative and most importantly choosing how they want to represent their naked form.

Insofar 4044 artists have submitted to the project, 5254 folios are live, which equals a total of 236721 images and counting.  So many different women from so many different places in the world and walks of life have gotten their kit off to contribute to ISM.

They’re also the only company I know of that you earn monthly per-click bonuses from a royalty-type program called Feckshare.

ISM is about subverting the mainstream.

That means we’re not really interested in folios that look like Hustler, or mainstream porn – pouting, stilettos, fake tan, loads of makeup, pinup poses. We want you to express yourself through the photos. We love to see your living space, the place where you live – show us what your part of the world looks like.

We love creative folios, so we offer a $500 art prize every month. But everybody’s motive is different and fine art might not be your thing. You can just have fun, be experimental, or you can make porn – as long as it’s original self expression, it’s good. We LOVE outdoor folios. Especially if it shows what your part of the world looks like – the architecture, landscape, and how you live.

Here is a link to the awesome tutorial that the guys from the project put together to get yourself started, or if you want to read more about the project theres loads more about the ISM principle over there: ISM project







This post is dedicated to k.j.

As per the diagram above^ vulvas come in all kinds of variations…  None of them seem ‘right’  or ‘ wrong’ to me.  I think #27 is my personal favourite, the vulva I find most asthetically pleasing so to speak.  However if I was presented with any of these vulvas, by someone I wanted to get busy with, I’d be pretty fucking happy to bury my face into any of them.  I reckon a lot of guys probably share this sentiment too.  Although I can only speak from my own experience with men to make this fairly sweeping statement.

I think we always tend to want what we don’t have ourselves.

I also think we tend to think we’re freaky, ugly, weird and so on.  I mean, of the images above I don’t think I look like any of them, although #29 is probably the closest and my inital reaction was ‘jeez, I’m not really identifed in any of these examples…’

This is me:

So as you can see, not a lot to see unless I genuinely spread my legs.  I tend to suffer, although not too much, from vagina envy…  I want a fuller vulva but really do love what I have and what it does for me.  As you can see I don’t have particularly defined outer lips, but everything I do have is tucked inside me and all of my genitals are right underneath my pelvis, rather than kinda starting towards the front.  It seems loads of women have more vulva starting on the front of their bodies, I don’t for whatever reason and honestly that’s fine.

Also, now that I have full pubes, you can’t even really see anything defined much behind the brunette fuzz if I’m standing  front-on naked.

Image source: Mike Dowson

I particularly like the image above as it clearly shows 2 very, very similar bodies – breasts, hips, shoulder width and torso length ect are evenly matched.  However these ladies have very different vulvas.  It shows that no 2 women are the same, despite, at first glance how similar they look.

Basically, what I’m driving at here is that we should try to accept, value and try our best to succeed at loving what we have.  Don’t judge yourself as ugly, because it’s an unhelpful, negative and pretty closed way of looking at yourself and kind of by default, others as well.  It’s tricky sometimes and we cannot do this every single day, but try to celebrate yourself and your body.  Be kind to yourself both in thoughts and words.

Self love, in all it’s expressions is a beautiful and wonderful thing and I encourage everyone, everywhere to take some time to enjoy yourself and be nice to yourself.


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