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In late January I shot some new content, at home, for the site. (click on the banner to the left and down a bit)

It is the first time in at least a year I have made a film and a year is a long time when you’re experiencing major sexual growth. Part of not shooting for such a long time led me to realise that I had wholly eroticised the camera… to the point where I often fantasize I’m in the studio when I’m masturbating.

So needless to say, I had some seriously intense orgasmic energy going on. The cherry on top of the delicious cake was that for my first take my gorgeous man helped me get off. I ended up shooting 4 takes in total… (2 is the norm).

When multiple turns ons come together in one session I apparently get a little excited, or something. Basically my entire afternoon was one large, pleasurable haze. Even for the takes following the first when he helped me to orgasm, he was still down the end of the room on his pc gaming and watching on, occasionally masturbating along with me.

I honestly feel I shot the best content I have ever made. It is the closest-to-reallife film that exists of me, that’s for sure. I think the ‘reality’ of the situation was what made it so hot too.

In combination to the big HD tv cameras, I had a little sony handheld HD camera and used it in different ways throughout this shooting session. This was absolutely, totally and extremely sexy. Cannot express this enough… words don’t suffice. Physically operating a camera that I was using to filming myself, whilst getting off was unbelievably hot.

I have been using this experience as masturbatory material ever since, it was just *so good*.

The films I made are just about to go live over at the ifeelmyself site and I am so, so, SO excited to see them. It’s like a grand finale for an already awesome and highly pleasurable experience. I can’t wait to watch each of them with my partner and to share them with a much wider audience than my humble blog could ever reach. Don’t get me wrong though, I plan to make some lovely things solely for this space as well.

So in short, cameras are damn sexy… I wonder if this becomes the case with anyone else whom films adult content…?

Okay, so this post is an absolute shameless and whole hearted plug for one of my absolute favourite sites… Can you guess which!? Heehee.

There is some seriously awesome (and hella sexy) content on the boil over at at the moment.

I have been nibbling my lips with excitment over Madison’s video diary, Sandy_Dee’s heavily pregnant films make my breath catch and the preview for the coming week looks fucking spectacular:
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As always when I post about this site, I just have to share the gorgeous showreel… It’s sincerely beautiful and really captures the intention and inherant honesty and eroticism you will find in this space. You can also catch a teensy tiny glimpse of yours truly in it:

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Explosive, genuine orgasms, real and absolutely divine women, stunning films and insightful interviews from the women you see come.

Love it.

If you do too, clicking on any of my banners or previews will get you a 10% discount on your membership spend.

I’m awesome like that.



I don’t have enough time to post here this week, so here’s some free sexy stuff from over at

I have been particularly awed (and aroused) by the freaking awesome content that has been flowing out of this site for the past few weeks. There are a handful of specific vids I have been enjoying a lot of alone time with too 😉 My favourites list is getting a little outta control…

If you are keen to actually join up, clicking on any of my banner/vid links will get you 10% off your membership spend too.
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^This is the site show-reel, it gives you a mash-up of all the loads of different style films and a great sample of all the wonderful women this site films. You might just catch a glimpse of me in there too…
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^This is the IFM site weekly preview. It’s a glimpse at what is going down on the site this week.

Hope you enjoy these tasty bits and pieces and I’ll be back in the land of posting here more regularly soon. I’m writing about some crazy naughty fun me and the boy had last weekend when I have time, so aiming to get that out onto the tron by the end of the week.

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So… you may have noticed a banner for the site on the left hand column of this blog.  To say I am a fan of this space would a gross understatement.  You have most likely already watched the above show reel and by the time you’re reading this text may just have an inkling of why I love, love, LOVE

I not only subscribe to ifm, but I am also a contributor there.  These people are amazing, the process unique and everything you see there is real.

Possibly the only space, well the only one I know of aside from Beautiful Agony, for pornography where the orgasms are 100% real, the ladies for the most part aren’t in the adult industry and when you come in to make a film for IFM it is stressed that they simply want to capture what it is you do, to get off.

There are no exaggerations or embellishments to the intimate moments shown here, just real women having real orgasms and sharing something truly amazing.  The lighting, music, editing, camera angles and general mood is carefully crafted and the films made here are just beautiful watch…  Some of the ‘adventure’ category videos are simply breath taking in their artistry.

Oh and ALL of this is in High Def.  The change over to HD occurred in June, so loads of the archived material is stand definition, but production is always of a high quality.

Okay, I think I’ve gushed enough.  I’m such a groupie!

But honestly check out the showreel I’ve posted and if you think this is a site you’d like to become a member of,  you will receive 10% discount if you join up through the reel or IFM banners on this blog.



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Australian Sex Party. Equal rights for everyone

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