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Had to go back to the surgeon today.

Even stronger pain medication, more time off work and gross medicinal goo packed into my gums.

Really want to feel better. Let’s hope the weekend is super gum-healing-time.


Ps. I do have some exciting things going on, I’ll be back on my feet hopefully soon and will be able to share.

Hey folks,

Sorry for disappearing. I had to have all my wisdom teeth and a molar surgically removed and it has totally knocked me on my arse. I am currently chasing up my surgeon as the painkillers I was prescribed have made me really ill as well. Trying to get some new medicine sorted today so I can sleep through the night, at least once, before I have to be back at work tomorrow.

Hoping to be back in front of my pc, ranting and flashing my tits, really soon.


Ps. The kickstarter I was backing ‘License to Pimp’ made their funding goal! Yipppeeeeee 😀

For some stupid reason I have felt grossly inadequate this past week regarding blogging and the making of sexy-things.

Sorry for being a lame-o.

Although I do have a couple of rather lovely things in the works!


Started off hard, but it got better and became easier. There is nothing to be afraid of, I am a capable person and I get my job done and I do it well. Inhale, exhale, rinse and repeat.

This evening has been very nice. Managed to wrangle left overs into a very delicious dinner and there was some quality pre-dinner kitchen nookie. Thankfully my current anxiety issues haven’t killed my libido or genital response. Touching someone you love, being touched and of course orgasms, really help when inside your head things are tricky.

My life is good, I am good and keeping things simple is definitely good.

There are also some exciting things in the works, more will be posted soon.

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