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After several weeks of yucky stressfulness, including but not limited to: having to find a new house before Christmas, work issues, family health problems and last, but most awfully, being given fucking head lice by someone and *hey presto* my libido had copped a fairly epic battering.

I have been choosing to read my book and getting sleep over masturbating, let alone sex. The thought would occur to me to wank and quite often when I don’t feel like it, but have a lot on it’s good release, but this time it was a passing thought and nothing else.

Something had really begun to strike me as really wrong when I was massively cranky for about a fortnight solid.

I have now treated said lice, found a new home (and I’m moving in with my man = Squeeeeee!!) and work stress has abated somewhat. I’m caught in the midst of the Christmas windup, things are really starting to get mental, but I feel calm and happy once more. I’m almost looking forward to the whirlwind that December is going to be. So much action and excitement!

Sexy times of sexy-sex have returned too, thank Babs. Although interestingly with seeming avengance… Meaning, I am hella sensitive both externally and internally. I don’t EVER recall a time where penetrative sex alone felt so mind blowingly good. My poor man’s housemates have been copping an earful, but when you’re being fucked from behind and it basically feels like a climax it’s just *that* good, it’s difficult not to cuss and bleat like a goat on heat.

There have been several times over the past week where I thought I was actually going to orgasm from penetration alone, especially being fucked from behind and just plain sex, no clitoral stimulation or anything. Oral sex is spastically awesome right now too, like so good, I find myself squirming and moaning all over the place because it almost feels too good somehow.

Also experiencing wetness overload. For example I literally soaked through my panties out at the Roller Derby final on Saturday night because I wound myself up so much. In a nutshell: moisture. I has it.

So obviously I’m basically really enjoying my uber sensitive vulva and vagina at the moment. It’s sweet.

I finally fucking did it.

In the almost-daylight early hours of Sunday morning, having not slept and winding down from party-time me and the boy crawled into bed for some lovin’.  This had been drawn out over an afternoon and evening of trashiness at a friend’s birthday party.  At one stage he and I snuck out to the car and had a mutual feel up and love-in session.  So many wonderful chats, a few confessions and a whole lot of mutual love going on…  Telling each other why we love each other, the things we each do that turn us on so much, how we are so dementedly happy it’s obscene – you get the idea.

We had both been wanting each other so badly, for so long, by the time I was laid back on the pillows, having shed my clothing, his hands were on my pussy and I was dripping wet.  He kissed me on my mouth, on my breasts, my tummy and my thighs and had a bright light in his eyes every time he looked up at me.  I don’t know if I have ever felt this amount of love for another human being in all of my life.  Our arousal, our love and our bodies connected took me to a place I can only describe as higher sex.

He ate my pussy for such a long time, I moaned and thrashed and just totally lost myself in pleasure and sensation.  I asked for him to put his hands inside me, he complied and as my pleasure grew and grew I needed more and more fingers.  Partway through he had 4 fingers inside me, whilst mentally this was hot, it was a tight fit and he wasn’t able to rub me inside the way I wanted and he went back to 2, at this point I was about ready to explode…  I was rubbing my clit furiously, which had become fucking huge and the rough rubs over my engorged clitorus and his fingers fucking me felt so incredibly good.  I wanted to feel a big, full, dirty orgasm and decided to add my new butt toy to the mix.

It is by far the largest thing that has ever gone in my ass and after lubing it up, he slid it into me so easily I began to consider asking him to fuck my ass.  I was pondering this idea, running this little fantasy over in my mind with a blue bumpy silicone toy in my ass, his fingers in my pussy and my hand roughly rubbing over my clit.

I came all over.  It is the only way I can describe the orgasm.  It was intense, but not too much so, no involuntary jerking, flailing or twitching just big, beautiful rolls of orgasm sweeping down and through me.  I think I came for quite a bit longer than I usually do.  As I came I pushed the butt toy out of me, but as is our mutually enjoyable preference he kept his fingers in me as I came and in my afterglow he slowly slid them out to taste me.

He was kneeling on all fours over me and kissing me when I realised I felt a pent up fluid feeling in my vagina.  I knew that if I could make myself come again I would be able to expel that fluid.  So I began rubbing down my clit, rhythmically rubbing over and over, the feeling of pent up fluid grew and grew, there were a few times when this feeling was ‘i need to pee-like’  but on the whole it was intensely pleasurable.  He was still hovering over me, I was lightly grasping his forearm.

I believe this wank was somewhat short and when I did come I ejaculated.  I squirted a whole fuck load of fluid out of me.

He exclaimed and dropped back to watch, I kept rubbing my clit and would let the fluid build up and with a squeeze I’d squirt again and holy fucking shit every time I expelled ejaculate it felt like a big squelchy orgasm.  I kept going, rubbing my clit and touching the fluid coming out of me, rubbing it over my clit and squirting more.  He was lowering his face to my pussy and I was squirting on his face, he opened his mouth and ate my cum.

Every time I thought I had nothing left to squirt, I would be able to keep on going.

He wanted to fuck, so we pulled off his clothes and he lay back.  I straddled him and slid his cock inside me and I fucked him with total abandon, only stopping when I once again orgasmed and ejaculated all over his cock, my fluid pooling on his belly.  I squirted multiple times on him, before switching to being on all fours with him fucking me from behind.  I asked him to come in me, he fucked me harder and faster til he came, I promptly orgasmed again and squirted his and my cum all over him and my bed.

I sat up on my knees and rubbing my clit pushed big, wet drops out of me and down onto my bed.  It sounded like rain on my taunt bedsheets.

After this I lay down exhausted, finally spent of all my liquid.

I could of cried I felt so fucking happy.

Me and my boy lay in my big puddle and held each other.


One of the main perks of having a boyfriend is that you get sex, like, all the time.  Laf.  Weekend just gone we had much and many sexy-times.  *grin*

By this point we’ve worked out quite a lot about each others bodies.  It’s amazing how quickly I’ve become comfortable with him…  We were actually talking about that very thing on Sunday night.  I think the closeness of our friendship meant that this step isn’t that much further than what was between us already.

Right now I am pinching myself, it’s only just a few weeks in and the sex is hot and awesome.  And he *loves* eating my pussy!!!!  I cannot even begin to describe how fucking awesome this is.  Pretty much every time we’ve fucked there has been mutual oral sex preceding it.  Also there is generally always more than 1 round.

It. Is. Brilliant.

This person feels so physically in tune with me, it’s kind of bizarre…  The freaked out feeling of ‘ holy fucking barbara streisand I’m banging my best mate’ is slowly disapating.  To be replaced by elation that this thing is actually working, I’m happy, we’re happy and being so totally blissed out at how relaxed it all is.

It’s really really nice and I know it’s super early days, but I think this is going to good and not the usual clusterfuck my relationships tend to be.

Can’t wait to write about our sex some as well.  I’m going to have a whole avalanche of brand new stuff to ponder and muse here…  Sex ftw!

I now have a boyfriend, who is actually my best friend.

Without going into stupendous detail, something that has been rolling around in my mind for a whiles now, actually happened.

It’s crazy and scary and very cool…  I’m so bloody frightened of fucking this up.  This is important, very very important and I seem to fail at these sorts of things in general.  I am trying not to focus on this however, he’s an awesome guy and I feel optimistic that this will work.

The first night we spent together did not exactly include sex…  But there was pretty much everything else going on.  It was awesome, we were both mega trashed and just played and played and played.  He had been out the night before so eventually bombed out, we were cuddled together and I masturbated myself to orgasm in his arms.  So totally fucking rad.

Although since then I have been bleeding ever so slightly, which is odd but it has seemingly stopped today otherwise I would have been starting to get pretty worried and been calling my doctor to go in.

So, yeah, let the sexy times roll…

I’m one of those girls who find it “difficult to orgasm” – well actually more to the point, it’s difficult to *make* me orgasm.  But I can make myself come just fine…

No one actually ever really bothers to go to the effort to either digitally or orally make me orgasm.

I’m constantly met with this ‘you need to come from sex or I’m not going to bother otherwise’ attitude.  And basically it’s pretty rare for me to be able to orgasm from penetration alone.  I’ve only been able to achieve this with one of my partners and I’m pretty certain it’s because of the rather unique shape of his cock.

Without clitoral stimulation I can’t come.  Sex alone is very enjoyable and pleasurable, but I would really like to see someone putting in the time and effort to help me achieve orgasm.

I do have a little clitoris and when I’m aroused it moves around a lot under stimulation, but no one has tried to learn my body enough to make it happen.


This has got to stop!!!  Next time I am interested in someone, whether purely sexually or in terms of a relationship I am going to be pretty straight about my sexual expectations: “please make me come from oral sex and digitally sometimes and you need to do both of these things (not necessarily ending in my orgasm) in foreplay HEAPS!!!

Yes I finally have enough balls to say that my pleasure needs to come first sometimes, instead of instantly getting into this routine when I just suck his cock and then we fuck.

I demand satisfaction.

I really like receiving oral sex.  I also really enjoy giving it.  I can deep throat, I enjoy giving a bj and I find the act itself pretty damn hot.  But it would seem my willingness to do this and the fact I generally initiate this sexual actual somehow precludes me from getting any oral loving in return.

It sucks.  Literally.

I’m feeling really paranoid about it…  Like seriously, WTF is wrong with my pussy that makes people so fucking adverse to eating it, or like at present even touching it AT ALL?

I really like what I have, I think it’s pretty and compared to many other vagina’s quite petite.  (Yes, I know, vagina envy)

This is an ongoing thing and it’s just crap.  Even when I’ve been honest and upfront about my own sexual desires (i.e can you please put your mouth on my vagina?) it’s met with resounding silence or evasion, or worst of all excuses.  Since when did we live in a society of men who don’t go down on women?  Or is it just me that’s bereft?

This is actually beginning to get pretty upsetting.  What’s the point of having sex if a big part of what I want out of the experience is lacking?


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