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Taken in ’07.

Went to piercers yesterday and had a lovely tattooed lady work on getting the bastard (my hood piercing) unscrewed for almost 20 mins!!!

She finally had to get 2 big pairs of pliers and unscrew it.

Painful?  Yes.

Relieved? Hells yes.


If I can get the damn thing off…

I’ve had several attempts to get the beads undone to no avail.  I’m going to have to go to a local piercer, spread my legs and let him/her get in there with a pair of pliers.

Wow.  Well that sounds dodgy as fuck.  Laf.

It definitely needs to come out though, it’s my clitoral hood and the piercing has become quite flimsy and at times quite uncomfortable.  I find myself fiddling around a bunch to get it into a workable position when I’m wanking.

It used to enhance sensation and now it gets on the way of sensation.

Tis sad, but I think that’s the end of that for my hood.  This is the second time I’ve had it done and I just don’t think my body is suited to this particular piercing.  I mean if I had ‘more’ hood I reckon it would be okay, but I has not a lot to work with in the excess-to-pierce-through department.



Goodbye pretty piercing…

Next weekend I am going bush.  Going to drive up to my friends property about 3 hours out of Melbourne, it is a nice big scrubby and tree filled piece of land.  It has a shack that looks deceptively primative, but I am told contains a hot shower!  I know there is a fire place, electricity and toilet there too.

I want to make some beautiful films of myself, take beautiful photos of nature and me and me in nature.  I had dreams about it last night and also about removing my piercing.  The depth and feeling that is still resonating from these dreams has made me certain of what I am going to do.

Firstly, after thinking for some time about it now, I am going to take the jewelry out of my hood piercing.  The piercing has stretched a little too much again and is getting flimsy and awkward, especially when I masturbate.  I find when I’m using a vibrator especially I am really fiddling about to get the jewellry into a comfortable position.  Last night I dreamt I filmed myself taking it out, in the middle of the bush, talking about it and why I was taking it out and then burying it in the ground.  This is what I intend to do when I arrive at the property next weekend.

I also want to film myself wandering around in the early morning, naked, in the green and brown environment, bar some sturdy boots and my knitted, sleeveless cape – I’ll be taking photos of myself, my surrounds and simply absorbing the beauty around me.  I’m aiming to make 2 complete videos of me masturbating, if only 1 of these actually gets done then that’s okay.  The one that is most important for me is the actual outdoors film.  I have always wanted to shoot myself masturbating in an outdoor location, I love proper wide open spaces and the welling of sexual energy that comes from knowing you’re truly alone and can be free without your neighbours peering over the fence.

Obviously I am planning to take a shitload of photos too.   I am so excited.

I’d like to do the second masturbation film on the inside of the hut in the evening with the fire crackling.  Will see though…  That will involve a fair bit of set up with lights etc. 

I feel as though I have rambled on enough here.  I will be making further posts in regards to this.

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