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I crushed my breasts inside my beautiful corset, pulled on beautiful black stockings and attached them to my garter. I tied a long black ribbon around my neck and brushed out my still wet hair.

There hasn’t been a time, that I recall of, that we have fucked in such a theatrical way… I think this is possibly the first time I have ‘dressed up’ so to speak. There was a definite shift in mood from the playfulness on the drive home.

I made him get a chair from the dining table and sat him down, I put music on and for quite a while and I just danced for him. Not a lapdance exactly, but he was not allowed to touch me. Watching him struggle to not touch me was intensely arousing.

This culminated in me laying open legged on the bed in front of him. I slowly and tentatively began to touch myself. Lightly running my fingers over my labia, teasing the entrance to my vagina and slowly and deliberately working myself up.

His self restraint collasped entirely and his mouth was on me.

For the next hour or so (time becomes meaningless in such states) there was a blur of hands and mouths and exceptional pleasure. At the pinnacle I wanted something more… carnal. After some teasing and toys, he slowly and very, very gently anally penetrated me. The feeling of him sliding in and out of me and a vibe hard up against my clit was mind blowing. Words do not begin to express, but thankfully no housemates home or they would have heard one hell of a racket.

I could hear my voice echoing off the walls.

We stopped for a breather and ended up lying side by side, touching each other and ourselves, each of us riding a swelling climax…

The wave crashed and we came. My orgasm obliterated rational thought or feeling. I was pleasure, I was love, I was vibrating at a higher plane where my inner core was cumming along with my whole physical self. I am told I was practically yelling and thrashing about the place.

Everything past this point is hazy, I remember settling myself into the nook of his back and sleep came shortly after.

Who said sex on drugs wasn’t awesome?

The longest, most languid and delerious session of play…

Tongues probing, fingers stroking, moans escaping, toys buzzing, his grunts and our waves of pleasure.

No one to have to be quiet for, nothing to have to get up for in the morning, not a thing standing in the way of enjoying each other and indulging in the kinks and delicious perversions we are seldom free and able to fully explore.

Allowing myself to fully submit to him, submit like I’ve really wanted to, submit like I goddamn well love to deep down, but hesitate, because, well… we all have some inhabitions.

He is touching me with both hands, hovering over me and laying kisses softly on my face, neck and breasts.  His coarse facial hair ever so slightly rubbing on my skin.  I am shuddering involuntarily in absolute pleasure… the sweetest kind of sensory overload.

His face moves down to my pussy, a soft, long lick over my clit and if I didn’t before, I now fully belong to him, to the sensation he is creating.  His fingers are still inside me, but his other hand slick with my wetness has moved lower.  He is stroking and gently probing the entrance to my ass and it feels absolutely phenomonal.

1 finger easily slides inside me and I lose it, everything feels so good, almost too good and I can hear my cries and the cheap vinyl couch underneath me as I writhe.

It would easily have been an hour of this calibre of play, the only breaks when I ask him to stop and fuck my face.  I remember distinctly that his pubic hair smelt wonderful in my face… like clean linen or something equally wholesome and nice.  I know I have one of my bigger butt toys inside me and have at one point been penetrated annally with 2 fingers not only comfortably but extremely pleasurably when I decide I want him to fuck me there.

I stop the proceedings to ask in my politest voice if he would be so kind and giving as to put his cock inside my ass, please.

We make ourselves even more slippery with pjur and take our time to ease him inside me.  I am on all fours and holding a vibe up against my clit.  He slides, slowly, gradually inside me and it feels incredible.  He gently thrusts inside me, back and forth, constantly checking in with me, asking if I feel good and rubbing his hands down my sides, brushing the sides of my breasts and over my buttocks.

I know I’m making a hell of a lot of noise at this point, but I just don’t care, I feel so good and so overwhelmed with sensation.  Our gentle anal sex soon becomes progressively nastier as I am more and more comfortable.  I tell him to grab my hair.

At no point did I feel pain, but there was a very ‘stretched’ sort of feeling going on and I knew that it meant we had to be gentle or discomfort would most definitely follow.  We just took our time though and actually had a little rest break part way through, we were both sweating like mad.

This, my first anal sex experience, was so thoroughly enjoyable I am so happy I slowly and deliberately experimented and then gradually worked towards full penetrative sex.  I have learnt so much about my body and it’s response to anal stimulation in many forms, I felt comfortable and at ease… okay no, I was downright eager for the actual sex by the time the act itself occured.  It is also a testament to the awesomeness and openess in my relationship.  I am with the most beautiful, sensual, gentle man that I love and trust so freaking much the force of this feeling frightens me sometimes.

So in conclusion: first time butt seks FTW!

has finally been accomplished.

Verdict: WIN!

I’m so glad anal is something I have explored and worked towards gradually, hand in hand with a patient, gentle and loving partner.  Through self play and experimentation in partnered sex, this part of my body has responded more and more positively and urgently to stimulation.

The energy I have devoted towards learning about my butt and it’s capabilities has absolutely paid off, even without this most recent actual-penis-penetration.  The fact that I now have a extra bit of me that feels exceptionally pleasurable to the touch is reward in itself for stepping outside my comfort zone.

And this all has been completely outside what is safe and familiar for me…  As it is I do have hangups about cleanliness, smells and tastes etc, that on occasion interfere with the good, dirty fun I like to have.  So the participation in sexy stuff to do with my ass has kind of forced to get over a lot of that, just deal with it and not obsess.  This is a very, very good thing.

I’m writing about the actual experience seperately, I think the evening I had was pretty damn special and deserves it’s own post.

This will occur shortly.

Soooo.  My ass obsession continues (as you may have noticed…)

My guy is totally in on it too.  First time in my life I think I have ever trusted *anyone* to put *anything* in my butt.  I think a lot of why I can trust him is because when I told him about liking my ass being touched and possibly penetrated he also liked it, but did not go all rabid/slavering and start begging me to let him “put it in there”.

Ongoing ass play is a first for both of us, it’s something we’re exploring together and seemingly we both get off on it quite a lot.

The whole notion of butt seks is such an epic turn on.  Although it’s a relatively recent development, it’s really only been about a year and a half that this particular act has held any allure for me.  I used to be a strictly my butt = exit-not-an-entry kind of gal.

Although I think with age, comes maturity and with maturity comes the ability to rationalise that a hell of a lot of women have anal sex and really enjoy it and thus maybe, just maybe, I can give it a bash.  Also in my line of work I see a fair amount of footage (read: a metric fuck tonne) of women masturbating and for some women anal play is a regular part of their wanking repertoire.

Me and the guy are dutifully working towards him being able to fuck me in the ass, it’s now also a topic that has become part of the dirty talk we sometimes do during the nastier of our shags.  It’s hot, I love it and whilst I honestly think I want it a bit more than my partner, it’s so exciting to be exploring something new and unknown in regards to my body, the sex I have and how I masturbate.

I’ve been able to tick 1 thing off my sexual goals list not so long ago, am feeling motivated to make it 2.

Wish me luck 🙂

I finally fucking did it.

In the almost-daylight early hours of Sunday morning, having not slept and winding down from party-time me and the boy crawled into bed for some lovin’.  This had been drawn out over an afternoon and evening of trashiness at a friend’s birthday party.  At one stage he and I snuck out to the car and had a mutual feel up and love-in session.  So many wonderful chats, a few confessions and a whole lot of mutual love going on…  Telling each other why we love each other, the things we each do that turn us on so much, how we are so dementedly happy it’s obscene – you get the idea.

We had both been wanting each other so badly, for so long, by the time I was laid back on the pillows, having shed my clothing, his hands were on my pussy and I was dripping wet.  He kissed me on my mouth, on my breasts, my tummy and my thighs and had a bright light in his eyes every time he looked up at me.  I don’t know if I have ever felt this amount of love for another human being in all of my life.  Our arousal, our love and our bodies connected took me to a place I can only describe as higher sex.

He ate my pussy for such a long time, I moaned and thrashed and just totally lost myself in pleasure and sensation.  I asked for him to put his hands inside me, he complied and as my pleasure grew and grew I needed more and more fingers.  Partway through he had 4 fingers inside me, whilst mentally this was hot, it was a tight fit and he wasn’t able to rub me inside the way I wanted and he went back to 2, at this point I was about ready to explode…  I was rubbing my clit furiously, which had become fucking huge and the rough rubs over my engorged clitorus and his fingers fucking me felt so incredibly good.  I wanted to feel a big, full, dirty orgasm and decided to add my new butt toy to the mix.

It is by far the largest thing that has ever gone in my ass and after lubing it up, he slid it into me so easily I began to consider asking him to fuck my ass.  I was pondering this idea, running this little fantasy over in my mind with a blue bumpy silicone toy in my ass, his fingers in my pussy and my hand roughly rubbing over my clit.

I came all over.  It is the only way I can describe the orgasm.  It was intense, but not too much so, no involuntary jerking, flailing or twitching just big, beautiful rolls of orgasm sweeping down and through me.  I think I came for quite a bit longer than I usually do.  As I came I pushed the butt toy out of me, but as is our mutually enjoyable preference he kept his fingers in me as I came and in my afterglow he slowly slid them out to taste me.

He was kneeling on all fours over me and kissing me when I realised I felt a pent up fluid feeling in my vagina.  I knew that if I could make myself come again I would be able to expel that fluid.  So I began rubbing down my clit, rhythmically rubbing over and over, the feeling of pent up fluid grew and grew, there were a few times when this feeling was ‘i need to pee-like’  but on the whole it was intensely pleasurable.  He was still hovering over me, I was lightly grasping his forearm.

I believe this wank was somewhat short and when I did come I ejaculated.  I squirted a whole fuck load of fluid out of me.

He exclaimed and dropped back to watch, I kept rubbing my clit and would let the fluid build up and with a squeeze I’d squirt again and holy fucking shit every time I expelled ejaculate it felt like a big squelchy orgasm.  I kept going, rubbing my clit and touching the fluid coming out of me, rubbing it over my clit and squirting more.  He was lowering his face to my pussy and I was squirting on his face, he opened his mouth and ate my cum.

Every time I thought I had nothing left to squirt, I would be able to keep on going.

He wanted to fuck, so we pulled off his clothes and he lay back.  I straddled him and slid his cock inside me and I fucked him with total abandon, only stopping when I once again orgasmed and ejaculated all over his cock, my fluid pooling on his belly.  I squirted multiple times on him, before switching to being on all fours with him fucking me from behind.  I asked him to come in me, he fucked me harder and faster til he came, I promptly orgasmed again and squirted his and my cum all over him and my bed.

I sat up on my knees and rubbing my clit pushed big, wet drops out of me and down onto my bed.  It sounded like rain on my taunt bedsheets.

After this I lay down exhausted, finally spent of all my liquid.

I could of cried I felt so fucking happy.

Me and my boy lay in my big puddle and held each other.

On Sunday night I achieved an orgasm lying on my tummy.  10 points awarded to me for excellentness!

This is the first time I have ever been able to come in this position!  I often masturbate on my stomach because it feels good, but I can wank for as long as I like because I generally can’t come like that.

Albeit, this particular orgasm was somewhat assisted…

After a lazy day of reading, eating and several rounds of sexual adventure with my man, I settled in to watch porn on my laptop and drink vodka.  I was lying on my tummy on his bed, laptop in front of me and egg vibe in my trousers.  For some period of time I enjoyed working myself into a lather, watching vids, exploring a bit and going back to touching myself.

There was an offer of assitance that I gladly accepted.  He had been playing with my ass throughout the day, teasing me, but there was no penetration as his index fingernail was quite sharp.  Nails had now been trimmed and the sensation and desire to be penetrated had been building all day.  Whilst I was furiously grinding down on my egg vibe, a slippery warm finger was inserted into me.  Slowly and gently and I swear to Babs nothing going into my butt has ever felt that good before.  It was the most pleasurable and phenomonal feeling.

I’m pretty sure I was a gibbering mess by then, I do know that by that point I was fully naked and being quite demanding.  I wanted more fingers in more places.

I reached my absolute pinnacle with 3 fingers in my pussy, 1 in my ass and a egg vibe, turned up all the way, on my clit.

One long, large, glorious orgasm was had.  My hips were bucking down into the bed involuntarily and so I ended up a little closer to the bedhead than when I started but no injuries thankfully.

Tummy orgasm ftw.

I do not know how, I do not know why, but somehow I managed to stay up til like 2am watching porn and masturbating last night. Even though I was quite tired and was in bed by about 11:30pm, I’d had too much caffeine and thought to myself I’ll wank until I felt sleepy…

I currently have my period and my use of the mooncup means I can easily masturbate without making any sort of mess.  Not that I’m adverse to mess, but it’s hard to get blood out my linens.  With the mooncup in I can happily rub away and still play with the entrance to my vagina too.

Having orgasms on my period lessens cramps and pain too, which is pretty win.

So I watched some KinkKrew stuff, I haven’t seen all of the DVD yet, so picked a scene and was pretty put off by the fact the girl in the scene was almost crying.  She was obviously not enjoying herself and the cameraman kept doing close ups of her face, you could see her trying to hold it together.  Worst.

Changed over to some different stuff on the net but it was taking too long to load, so I picked another dvd to watch on my laptop, ‘Girls, girls, girls’ – it’s pretty self explanatory.  Fuck I love lesbian porn.  Especially the first scene on the dvd of Pinkie Lee and Lorelei.  It’s Pinkie Lee’s first lesbian scene and it’s pretty damn frenzied.  It’s also kind of hardcore, I’ve seen Lorelai on the WaterBondage site and she has some serious kinks.

So apparently for like 2 and a half hours I held my tiny little bullet on my clit and writhed about.  Well as much as you can writhe whilst sitting up looking at a laptop screen.  I was in a kind of deep, dirty mood where ordinarily I would have tried to cram as much as I could into me, but in light of there already being a mooncup in my vagina I concentrated on my ass.

Can I just say how much I love my pink beads right now.  Sliding them bit by bit into my ass feels incredible.  I wish so much I could fuck someone with them inside me at the same time.  I know when I use a big vibe inside my vagina and the beads in my butt it feels so fucking good.  I feel so ‘crammed full’ and have these wonderful deep shuddering orgasms where my ass and vagina are both contracting really hard.

Anywho, back to my wank.  I lubed myself up before starting and was just playing with my fingers originally before grabbing my beads.  I slid them in slowly and carefully.  I sat under the covers to dull the noise of the bullet, but leaving my breasts exposed so the cold air would harden my nipples.

With the beads inside me, my hand was free to play with my nipples and also slide the bullet up and down on my clit.  All the whiles my eyes are glued to the screen of my laptop.

I came 3 times.  With short breathers in between.  Big, strong, deep and long orgasms, I had involuntary leg spasms and I hopefully didn’t make too much noise, but I know I made some.  It felt so good to come, I love the orgasms I have when I’m menstruating.  I’m seemingly extremely aroused this week, which isn’t unusual but not usually within the first few days.

Writing about this is making me want to go home and do it all again.

I want to do these things:

  1. Be able to ejaculate – I want this more than anything
  2. Lose my anal viginity relatively comfortably
  3. Pay for sex, I want to sleep with a female prostitute
  4. Experience double penetration (2 penises)
  5. Have a MFF threesome (already have, but want to do it again)
  6. Start to experiment with spanking/bondage

So after being super slack in my pursuit of being comfortably f-ed in the a for a whiles now, with the end goal of losing my butt virginity properly (by this I mean an actual penis) with minimal pain, I started my ‘training’ again last night.

What does training consist of you ask?

Well everytime I masturbate (which is pretty frequently) I incorperate some form of anal play.  Whether this involves actual penetration or not isn’t so important, as sexualising the act is, which is what I’m trying to do basically.  Gotta get my brain on board for this to be able to happen.

Last night I was able to penetrate myself with the slimmest vibe I have – bought specifically for the task.  It was a bit touch and go, but it slid in comfortably eventually, I had a good strong orgasm so I’m feeling pretty encouraged.

Now to work myself up the next size vibe I have and then get something bigger again.  Once I have that biggest size down it will be time to ask someone I trust to actually have anal sex.

I’m pretty excited.  It’s one of my ‘sexual goals’ for 09.

I should do a post about those hey…?  Next time gadget 😉

Was some sick one day last week.  Running a temperature and feeling shit etc.  House to myself…  I put on my favourite lesbian porn, grabbed my sack of toys and planted myself on the couch.  Watching porno on a massive tv in surround sound, house to myself and legs akimbo…

I double penetrated myself.  With ease.  My arse is a virgin, so I generally can only receive the slimmest vibe I own comfortably.  But I went to next size one I have easily.  Bullet/egg vibe on my clit, large thick fake-cock style vibe in me and hard plastic vibe up my arse.  I put a towel under me incase there was any mess…  (I am trying to learn how to ejaculate)

Holy fucking jesus batman, I came so hard and for quite some time.  I lay about on the couch for a whiles…  Then cleaned up and packed away my goodies.  Was surfing on the internets and went to to look at the previews for the water bondage site, I want to buy some sets from there – proceeded to get horny as all fuck.  (my desk is on the edge of the lounge-room) went back to my room to grab my egg vibe and watching preview after preview just kept on coming.

I had just finished orgasm number 6 and turned off my vibe and my housemate walked into the lounge!  I didn’t even hear him come home :/  Although he’s my ex, so he knows me well and just pissed himself laughing.  I blushed, then laughed and then put my trousers back on.

So let this be recorded on the tubes for posterity, for the first time in my life I have achieved 6 orgasms in 1 day.

Each orgasm in succession became more and more intense as well, which when I do achieve orgasm more than once it’s usually the opposite.  I never usually make myself come more than twice when I’m masturbating because the sensation decreases with the 2nd orgasm.

This is new, previously unexperienced territory – unless I’m stoned, then wanking/sex becomes a crazy orgasmic adventure.

3 cheers for me!

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