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This is SO cool!

So, the third installment of *my* series (squeeeeeee) ‘Hyperballad Tells’, is live over at Sonic Erotica

I wrote the entry Gush waaaaay back in April, although it’s so dear to my heart and held in a special place in my mind that I could barely listen to the recording…

Tell me if it makes you uncomfortably tingley too: Audio recording of ‘Gush’


The February just gone, I wrote an entry on a rather tasty experience I had at always incredible Victorian shin-dig Rainbow Serpent Festival

Do you remember…?


Heres a refresher for you: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

This particular story is one of the handful I recorded a little whiles ago, in the studio over at the ever-awesome Sonic Erotica

Make with the clicky-click to go listen Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes (AKA Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)

I’ve been a little hesitant to ask for feedback. Why you ask? Because I’m a big wuss and this is the first voice work I’ve pretty much ever done…

But I’m feeling particularly thick skinned today, so please, tell me what you think of my recordings.

Way back in March I wrote this entry: Date Night Rules!

A little while ago I recorded this story in the studio for Sonic Erotica

Now, it has gone live over at the Sonic Erotica site! SO exciting and totally awesome.

Listen here: Audio recording of Date Night Rules!


“If you have ever enjoyed eavesdropping, if you have ever lingered too long over a stranger’s conversation, if you have ever held your breath at night to catch your neighbours’ bedtime antics – then you’re in the right place. SonicErotica is your E spot, a museum of saucy sounds that will make your ears blush and your imagination, er – hard. SonicErotica is the first erotic web site that aims to produce content designed for and accessible to vision impaired people. You’ll find us easy to navigate with a screen reader such as JAWS, and full of stimulating stories, adventures, and personal confessions to make your ears blush.”

The absolutely fantastic, amazing and awesome project that is, Sonic Erotica, has relaunched TODAY after an epic hiatus that stretched over the past couple of years.

Click here for the tasty audio morsels: Sonic Erotica

Please head on over and check it out, a brand-spanking-new story has just gone up and there is also several sweet teaser clips posted too.

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