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All the meals were incredible! A vegetarian catering crew had been hired and they just totally rocked. Such. Good. Food. Brekkie in the morning was great, good fuel for the day ahead. I skipped the first workshop of the day on Saturday and went to chill, also ended up writing for a couple of hours, I was still processing everything from the previous evening and didn’t feel strongly about either of the workshops.

My first workshop was ‘Sex after Childbirth’ which was a very small, intimate group and a very informative space. I want to be a sex postive mum and also try to maintain the best possible sexual connection that I can have with my partner throughout my pregnancy, when I do actually enter that phase in my life. Such great advice, the crux of which was essentially that child birth is a rebirth – I will change when I become a mum and thus the sex I will want to have will change, as will my body and that’s okay. Very affirming and lovely and gentle.

It was then time for lunch and I was able to hang out with my peeps and decompress. Once again, very tasty noms were had.

The next workshop I went to was ‘Spanking, Breath and Ecstatic Trance’ with the most amazing dom. The theory and demonstration was brilliant, she had a model and also demonstrated negotiating the play as well. During visualisation of being spanked and also spanking I immediately pictured my partner and had an immediate genital response. Intense! I also didn’t want to play with anyone but him when it came to possibly putting theory into practise towards the end. Everyone started partnering off, I didn’t want someone trying to partner up with me and panicked slightly. I made a hasty exit and headed to the womens tent.

Womens tent totally saved my ass. I was pretty anxious and feeling a little overwhelmed, but it was so tranquil and lovely I very quickly calmed down and allowed myself to warm by the fire. I spoke to the lovely woman there, soon after one of my lady friends came to the tent too, she had began to feel overwhelmed also. We had an interesting conversation about anxiety and feeling uptight in general, I began to realise more and more this weekend how much the idea of being touched by anyone but my closest is not okay. I am not really 100% sure of where this aversion came from but it is a very strong visceral reaction…

There was a break and then we went into the ‘Female Ejaculation’ workshop run by the awesome C and G. ZOMG. Stand out workshop of the weekend. Straight forward, frank and so much information and science. Love it. G gave so much anecdotal information from her own experiences and C followed it up with the science and anatomy. I saw the most detailed slides of the female genitals and reproductive system that I have EVER seen. This theory, information and diagrams was followed by C demonstrating helping G to ejaculate. I know G and she asked us, her friends, to form a bit of a protective ring around the massage table.

Goddamn, it was SO intense. I was clenching, squirming and massaging the back of my own neck. G was able to ejaculate twice and it was incredibly beautiful and humbling to have her share herself in such an intimate way. That lady has mega balls, I tells ya. Afterwards I was in a daze, I was sharing her afterglow and it felt like I’d just had an orgasm myself.

We trundled off to dinner, ate our food and dissected our day and experiences to one another. Some of my friends got themselves jazzed up in outfits and we went to check out the performances. The first performance I caught was brilliant, the second was a spoken piece that had *zero* trigger warning and the presenter merely said ‘okay folks, it’s going to get a little bit darker in here’. Basically it was the presenter from one of the days earlier workshops ‘Speaking Sex’ and she was detailing, rather artfully, a date rape experience. I don’t often think about the sexual assault I experienced but the words leaving this womans mouth nearly exactly mirrored what happened to me.

I froze. I couldn’t breathe.

Thankfully the amazing friend next to me immediately noticed and asked if I was okay. I said no and got up and stumbled out of the tent, got my shoes on as fast as I could, she followed and we went up to my dorm and sat in front of the fire while I decompressed. I was pretty pissed off at this point, it’s not hard to let people know a performance maybe triggering for them. Also I think some people may have been at Sex Camp to help themselves heal from sexual trauma and such a performance, without warning, was extremely insensitive.

Eventually our other friends found us, they were worried but immediately understood when I explained. I had righted myself by then, so we also donned fabulous attire and headed to the silent disco. I wore my white elvis jumpsuit and danced my arse off. One of my friends A, borrowed my sailor outfit, W was totally suited up and J looked so super cute and fabulous.

We had a massive, trashy boogie. It was SO much fun and an amazing release. Except for the bit where the guy in his lame elvis suit tried to get way too friendly. I said pretty much told him to step off in front of a bunch of people and he went away. My favourite bits about the disco were the teeny little laser in the corner of the room, taking my headphones off and listening to people sing along to different songs with abandon and us going outside to dance in the cold air, the disco was like a sauna and we chattered, laughed and just carried on, it was ace.

Once fully worn out we went back up to my dorm, G, C and many other lovely peeps were hanging out there, we chatted some more, ate snacks and got dozy by the fire. I said goodnight to folks, they headed to their tents and I to my room. There were muffled moans and groans until I fell asleep, some folks were putting their days learnings into practise.

I on the other hand read my book on space by torchlight, I was sleepy but needed to wind down. As I snuggled down into the blankets I wondered what the following day would bring… Everything I had experienced thus far had been huge.

I received my long awaited and much anticipated spanking.

This is a pre 2010 story too.  Sorry for it’s belatedness but I have been on holidays and there has been much craziness at work for the past week.

Spanking is something I have been wanting to explore for some time now…  The likes of Zille (see her blog on my blog roll) have slowly but surely drawn me into fetishising this act more and more.  My current partner is open to new experiences, generally, but especially sexually.  He already finds power play appealing and after watching some spanking stuff together and talking about doing it ourselves, a whooooooole lot, an opportunity *finally* arose .

We have both built this experience up quite a bit, there have been several times where we thought our housemates would be out and disappointingly there have been people home.

I think it was actually Christmas eve.  We were at my place and had been up for a while…  With no work to rush off to we had indulged in a morning of rather lazy sex.  After getting up, breakfasting and pottering about, my housemate announced he was off to do some shopping… or some activity away from the house.  As soon as he left and we raced into my room.

As we dashed in my bedroom door, I felt his hand clasp my left hip firmly and with the other he literally bent me over my bed.  My dress was roughly pulled up and knickers were removed.  This act in itself I found really really hot.

The slaps started lightly and on my right butt cheek.  They increased in intensity and then he started alternating at random between my left and right butt cheeks.  It felt amazing.  I was exceptionally aroused, this merely increased as the spanking went on and with each stinging smack I could feel myself become wetter and wetter.  It wasn’t really what I’d describe as pain, but I’m pretty sure I went into an altered state of consciousness – I seriously felt like I was high.  My perception of pain was most likely significantly altered.  There was a massive release of dopamine, because I didn’t orgasm, but it sure felt like something very similar, but much longer than an orgasm.

My butt became hot and he began interspersing the slaps with little light rubbing motions on my bum cheeks.  This felt beyond incredible, just remembering it now brings the hairs on the backs of my arms up.

He became a little carried away at points, the smacks were too close together and I communicated this verbally, in time I hope we can transmit these indications in a non-verbal way as talking seemed to kind of break the reverie I was in.  He also needs to work on his technique some, a few of the smacks landed as blows, unintentionally but they hurt all the same.  I guess like any other sexual act you need to practice to get it just right.

Now, I couldn’t actually tell you how long the spanking lasted…  I completely lost track of time.

Afterward we wandered into the bathroom so I could look at my reddened bottom.  I would have really liked for us to be able to have more sex at this point, seeing those bright red marks was dementedly arousing, but being Christmas eve and all we had a million things to go and do, so I quickly redressed and we headed out.

The uncomfortable feeling every time I sat down brought a big grin to my face for the rest of the day.

All in all a brilliant first-time spanking experience. I think it was made so by a caring, loving and enthusiastic partner whom I have a great deal of trust in.  I didn’t have to worry about anything but enjoying the experience.  And it was totally rad.

We aim to revisit it once we get some goddamned privacy.

I want to do these things:

  1. Be able to ejaculate – I want this more than anything
  2. Lose my anal viginity relatively comfortably
  3. Pay for sex, I want to sleep with a female prostitute
  4. Experience double penetration (2 penises)
  5. Have a MFF threesome (already have, but want to do it again)
  6. Start to experiment with spanking/bondage

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