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Sung to the tune of Changes by David Bowie.

Soooo, later on this week I am heading back into the studio to touch myself up on camera.  It has been a really, really long time since I shot proper website content type stuff.  I’m really excited, I’ve found myself daydreaming about it since I booked it in.

I’m currently feeling super positive about my body and sexuality, the timing is fantastic.  I have been ‘testing’ my capacity for orgasm recently and am really looking forward to pushing myself as far as I can go when I’m shooting.

I will also have my sweet rip-off Hitachi on hand.  I have mastered the art and can now give myself the most toe scrunching and body twitching orgasms with it.

Expect a report on my experience, am aiming to have an excellent time though!

Feeling a bit meh about my current selection of buzzy friends.

My lelo gigi has been a regular favourite for the past 6 months, as with my usual micro bullet. I’m kind of bored though. It feels time for something new and exciting. Although for once, I had absolutely no idea what I want.

I am thinking I will take my man on an afternoon jaunt to a sex shoppery as soon as we are able… Life really is far too busy at the moment!

I’ve come to realise that I’ve somehow ‘lost’ my awesome sluttiness. I tend to overthink and psych myself out completely these days.

It sucks.

On one hand the way I used to fuck without a second thought was not helpful nor wise and it often wasn’t very fun either. But I have definitely gone too far in the other direction. I’m too tied up in my inner monologue and there is an all pervasive doubt that whilst I’m fun to come onto, no one actually really wants to get it on with me, or it’ll ruin the friendship or I’ll somehow damage my relationship with my spunky man.

Even though, it is completely kosher for me to fuck ladies still, I worry all the same. It’s really stupid.

I am resolved to stop being so goddamn chickenshit. I’m totally buying into my own insecurities and fears, so much of which is tied up in my body issues. I hate admitting it, but those same old fat/ugly/unattractive goblins still sit on my back and whisper in my ears… More so of late, than usual and it’s obviously affecting me in more ways than I was aware.

There is a lovely, beautiful, sexy lady in my life and I let it known I dug her. She reciperacated and I still haven’t done ANYTHING about it, aside from a couple of neck nuzzles and a lingering kiss or two. She is a close girlfriend and I have the paranoia something fierce that I will break the awesomeness we share. I also feel frightened I wouldn’t be able to get her off… She has her own orgasmic issues and uses a very specific and powerful tool.

Wow. In rereading the above I think I’m sexually intimidated. Well this is a first… huh…

Although, we are going vibe shopping together very soon to try to find something else for her to use. Maybe when we return home, we shall consume wine and give the new toy/s a test run, so to speak. The idea of this scenerio is premium wank fodder, like seriously, I’m at my desk terrifically aware of a spreading hot, wet patch in my knickers.

Will I actually fucking follow through though? Can I relearn how to feel my way, rather than kill my passion with too much thinking…?

I certainly hope so. I am genuinely attracted to this woman. I love her as a friend and if we do connect sexually then we really could have a super-sweet time together. I know this. I want it.

*sends sms to make sex-shop date*

When desiring to make glistening puddles on the floor:

Combine 1 rabbit with plenty of pjur, fuck yourself until frothy, remove toy at point of orgasm and let the moisture gush down your thighs, over your computer seat* and onto the ground.

*Please note it might take a whole day of your computer chair being infront of the heater til it dries back out.

Well… I did it again.  Love that song though 😛

(Sorry for the little May-hiatus here.  So much has been on I’ve barely had time to scratch myself… or something.  I hosted a rather large house-warming party which took a lot of planning, running around and set up.  Immediately after it I became really sick.  Like the sickest I’ve been in years, it was certainly the first time I’d been prescribed anti biotics in the last year at least.  in amongst all of that work, as usual keeps me quite occupied as well.)

So I have managed to squirt again.  Nothing anywhere near as intense as the first time, but, dun dun duuuuuuuun…  I did it myself!  Hooray!  3 cheers for me!

With the help of my doc johnson g-spot vibe, an egg vibe and 1 fluffy towel I came twice with accompanying gushes.

Unfortunately since this particular achievement I haven’t really had the time or energy to invest in attempting either a solo session or one with my partner.  I think I’m going to hold out until we have enough planned time together to attempt to recreate what occured the first time I squirted.  (see my post from April 27th)

I’m currently menstruating and experiencing bizarre surges in my libido.  Since I’ve been sick I haven’t really felt like sex or masturbating much.  I’m just not getting particularly aroused on my own, but I’m not too stressed about it as I was really really unwell.  I’m only on day 2 of actually bleeding, but finished my pill 4 days ago and since Sunday I’ve noticed I’m either spectacularly horny, or really not.  Usually my period is a time of fairly intense sexual drive, but I’m thinking maybe getting sick has thrown me out of whack a little.

Hopefully my body is righted by the time my period finishes and I get into my next cycle…

I just masturbated myself to orgasm twice and sounds came out of my mouth that I didn’t even know I was capable of making.

Close to my period I am pretty much in a state of constant arousal, I’m due in 1 week and it looks like crazy sexy times have begun.  Let the frantic wanking begin!

Although in all seriousness those were 2 identically awesome, intense and deep orgasms.  1st one I was in a squatting position with a bullet on my clit and my smooth silver vibe inside me.  The whole time I was reading 25 things about my sexuality (which seems kinda disturbed…) and although I have both vibes turned up all the way, I didn’t come straight away which was awesome.  I was kinda thrusting my hips forward to meet the vibe, which I was holding in place and held the little bullet right on top of my clitorus.

I just about fell on my face when I came.

2nd one I sat up on my bed and rubbed my clit with the bullet, whilst playing with and squeezing my nipples.  I was still reading 25 things and this time it took me longer to orgasm, but when I did these involuntary cries and moans erupted out of me.  Thank Barbara Streissand no one else was home.

The whole time what turned me on the most was the feeling of wetness and hotness coming from my vagina.  And the heat, holy shit, it still feels like theres radiator in my knickers.

All of this occured with my sneakers still on and my trousers and knickers around my ankles.  That was fucking crazy!

I also just realised that for the most part my orgasms come in 2’s these days.  This never used to be the case, I’d come once and I’d been happy.  Now I know the capability of my body to give me more than that, I’m a greedy fucker and get more.

Yum.  Feeling sexy and spending some time with my body is back.  My period can always be relied upon to bring back this feeling if, like it has over the past few weeks, it has escaped me.

Why thank you ever so much Captain Libido you have returned!

After getting super trashy at the party on the weekend, I spent some quality time browsing over at on a friends laptop in the very early hours of Saturday morning.

I then proceeded to spend all of my money.  I can’t afford to eat this week, but I will masturbate until I am no longer hungry when all my sexy implements arrive.

My payment confirmation email came yesterday so I shall have many sexy toys within the next 2-3 days.  Yay!

I have also made the executive decision to make my adult dating site profile invisible for the forseeable future.  I just don’t have the time to meet these people and as it gets warmer I lose the desire to sit in front of my pc surfing and chatting to random men who want to fuck me in uncomfortable places.

And I don’t mean in the back of a Volkswagon.

So spring has sprung and whilst I am still super horny I have resolved to solve my lack of sex with an arsenal of toys, rather than dicking around on the internet with a bunch of random guys.

Was some sick one day last week.  Running a temperature and feeling shit etc.  House to myself…  I put on my favourite lesbian porn, grabbed my sack of toys and planted myself on the couch.  Watching porno on a massive tv in surround sound, house to myself and legs akimbo…

I double penetrated myself.  With ease.  My arse is a virgin, so I generally can only receive the slimmest vibe I own comfortably.  But I went to next size one I have easily.  Bullet/egg vibe on my clit, large thick fake-cock style vibe in me and hard plastic vibe up my arse.  I put a towel under me incase there was any mess…  (I am trying to learn how to ejaculate)

Holy fucking jesus batman, I came so hard and for quite some time.  I lay about on the couch for a whiles…  Then cleaned up and packed away my goodies.  Was surfing on the internets and went to to look at the previews for the water bondage site, I want to buy some sets from there – proceeded to get horny as all fuck.  (my desk is on the edge of the lounge-room) went back to my room to grab my egg vibe and watching preview after preview just kept on coming.

I had just finished orgasm number 6 and turned off my vibe and my housemate walked into the lounge!  I didn’t even hear him come home :/  Although he’s my ex, so he knows me well and just pissed himself laughing.  I blushed, then laughed and then put my trousers back on.

So let this be recorded on the tubes for posterity, for the first time in my life I have achieved 6 orgasms in 1 day.

Each orgasm in succession became more and more intense as well, which when I do achieve orgasm more than once it’s usually the opposite.  I never usually make myself come more than twice when I’m masturbating because the sensation decreases with the 2nd orgasm.

This is new, previously unexperienced territory – unless I’m stoned, then wanking/sex becomes a crazy orgasmic adventure.

3 cheers for me!

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