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Sung to the tune of Changes by David Bowie.

Soooo, later on this week I am heading back into the studio to touch myself up on camera.  It has been a really, really long time since I shot proper website content type stuff.  I’m really excited, I’ve found myself daydreaming about it since I booked it in.

I’m currently feeling super positive about my body and sexuality, the timing is fantastic.  I have been ‘testing’ my capacity for orgasm recently and am really looking forward to pushing myself as far as I can go when I’m shooting.

I will also have my sweet rip-off Hitachi on hand.  I have mastered the art and can now give myself the most toe scrunching and body twitching orgasms with it.

Expect a report on my experience, am aiming to have an excellent time though!

Feeling a bit meh about my current selection of buzzy friends.

My lelo gigi has been a regular favourite for the past 6 months, as with my usual micro bullet. I’m kind of bored though. It feels time for something new and exciting. Although for once, I had absolutely no idea what I want.

I am thinking I will take my man on an afternoon jaunt to a sex shoppery as soon as we are able… Life really is far too busy at the moment!

Or rather, watching someone fuck life-like silicon.

Whilst on our travels, I visited sex shops in pretty much every city and in Vienna, Austria we found Crystal Fleshlights for 69 euros.  What is that you ask?  This:

I have been wanting to buy my man one of these babies for a loooong time now.  They are some bullshit crazy amount, like $320 to buy here.  So it hasn’t really been an option, until finding them on the cheap overseas.  Btw, Vienna has the *best* sex shops out of anywhere else I have been in the world.  I was in Germany AND Netherlands too!

Watching him use this is hella sexy and using it on him is beyond delicious.  It is my favouritest thing to do at the moment.  It’s also lots of fun to use when we masturbate together.  It turns me on so much, which is of course, very helpful in getting myself off.

You can really, really see inside the case and actual fleshlight and it’s just so fucking hot.  You can twist the end cap to change the firmness/tightness too.

I love that there is ‘something’ other than hands/mouth/actual sex that I can share with my partner.

Fleshlight = an awesome gift, for both of us!


So, the third installment of *my* series (squeeeeeee) ‘Hyperballad Tells’, is live over at Sonic Erotica

I wrote the entry Gush waaaaay back in April, although it’s so dear to my heart and held in a special place in my mind that I could barely listen to the recording…

Tell me if it makes you uncomfortably tingley too: Audio recording of ‘Gush’


Lately I’ve been talking to a lot of people about the way breathing affects orgasm.

Very recently, one lady I was chatting to, told me the greatest feeling in the world is an orgasm in a corset. Like a proper corset, boned and done up tight as hell. Another person was explaining how controlling your breathing during sex and masturbating can have a radical affect on intensifying your orgasms.

Also watched 2 clips on by artist jewelskristi this week, where she is obviously creating amazing physical sensations using her breathing.

This morning whilst masturbating before I had to go to work, I decided to try breathing control out for myself.

At the points of intense pleasure, where I found myself breathing shallowly, I made a concentrated effort to breathe deeply in and out. It didn’t so much make the sensation better, but it did make pleasure deeper somehow. I was using a teensy bullet vibe and often I find I get to orgasm too quickly, this full breathing meant I could control myself more and stretch the wank right out. I held myself in a peak of intense pleasure for quite a while longer than I usually can, unless I’m high that is.

At the point where I started to climax, I inhaled as much as my lung capacity would hold and held in the breath til the point of orgasm.

Holy fucking Barbara Striessand.

My climax reached higher and higher, was drawn out longer and longer.

I came like a motherfucker. So hard, so long and so freaking intense. I came like I come when I squirt. It’s an all over orgasm that punches through my body. I could hear my voice bouncing off the walls in my room it was so loud.

Will most definitely be experimenting with this technique much more. Stay tuned for further developments.

Took these shots with my toes btw.  My coffee table is at the *perfect* height for this naughty angle.

I finally fucking did it.

In the almost-daylight early hours of Sunday morning, having not slept and winding down from party-time me and the boy crawled into bed for some lovin’.  This had been drawn out over an afternoon and evening of trashiness at a friend’s birthday party.  At one stage he and I snuck out to the car and had a mutual feel up and love-in session.  So many wonderful chats, a few confessions and a whole lot of mutual love going on…  Telling each other why we love each other, the things we each do that turn us on so much, how we are so dementedly happy it’s obscene – you get the idea.

We had both been wanting each other so badly, for so long, by the time I was laid back on the pillows, having shed my clothing, his hands were on my pussy and I was dripping wet.  He kissed me on my mouth, on my breasts, my tummy and my thighs and had a bright light in his eyes every time he looked up at me.  I don’t know if I have ever felt this amount of love for another human being in all of my life.  Our arousal, our love and our bodies connected took me to a place I can only describe as higher sex.

He ate my pussy for such a long time, I moaned and thrashed and just totally lost myself in pleasure and sensation.  I asked for him to put his hands inside me, he complied and as my pleasure grew and grew I needed more and more fingers.  Partway through he had 4 fingers inside me, whilst mentally this was hot, it was a tight fit and he wasn’t able to rub me inside the way I wanted and he went back to 2, at this point I was about ready to explode…  I was rubbing my clit furiously, which had become fucking huge and the rough rubs over my engorged clitorus and his fingers fucking me felt so incredibly good.  I wanted to feel a big, full, dirty orgasm and decided to add my new butt toy to the mix.

It is by far the largest thing that has ever gone in my ass and after lubing it up, he slid it into me so easily I began to consider asking him to fuck my ass.  I was pondering this idea, running this little fantasy over in my mind with a blue bumpy silicone toy in my ass, his fingers in my pussy and my hand roughly rubbing over my clit.

I came all over.  It is the only way I can describe the orgasm.  It was intense, but not too much so, no involuntary jerking, flailing or twitching just big, beautiful rolls of orgasm sweeping down and through me.  I think I came for quite a bit longer than I usually do.  As I came I pushed the butt toy out of me, but as is our mutually enjoyable preference he kept his fingers in me as I came and in my afterglow he slowly slid them out to taste me.

He was kneeling on all fours over me and kissing me when I realised I felt a pent up fluid feeling in my vagina.  I knew that if I could make myself come again I would be able to expel that fluid.  So I began rubbing down my clit, rhythmically rubbing over and over, the feeling of pent up fluid grew and grew, there were a few times when this feeling was ‘i need to pee-like’  but on the whole it was intensely pleasurable.  He was still hovering over me, I was lightly grasping his forearm.

I believe this wank was somewhat short and when I did come I ejaculated.  I squirted a whole fuck load of fluid out of me.

He exclaimed and dropped back to watch, I kept rubbing my clit and would let the fluid build up and with a squeeze I’d squirt again and holy fucking shit every time I expelled ejaculate it felt like a big squelchy orgasm.  I kept going, rubbing my clit and touching the fluid coming out of me, rubbing it over my clit and squirting more.  He was lowering his face to my pussy and I was squirting on his face, he opened his mouth and ate my cum.

Every time I thought I had nothing left to squirt, I would be able to keep on going.

He wanted to fuck, so we pulled off his clothes and he lay back.  I straddled him and slid his cock inside me and I fucked him with total abandon, only stopping when I once again orgasmed and ejaculated all over his cock, my fluid pooling on his belly.  I squirted multiple times on him, before switching to being on all fours with him fucking me from behind.  I asked him to come in me, he fucked me harder and faster til he came, I promptly orgasmed again and squirted his and my cum all over him and my bed.

I sat up on my knees and rubbing my clit pushed big, wet drops out of me and down onto my bed.  It sounded like rain on my taunt bedsheets.

After this I lay down exhausted, finally spent of all my liquid.

I could of cried I felt so fucking happy.

Me and my boy lay in my big puddle and held each other.

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